Beautiful Castles and Homes in Vermont

Updated August 22, 2010

As any traveler who has been to the state knows Vermont is a beautiful place to visit and see. The natural scenery is magnificent in Vermont and there are also a number of beautiful landmark castles and homes in Vermont that are well worth visiting. The majority of the landmark castles and homes in Vermont are tourist attractions open to the public for tours and many of these places are available for weddings and special occasions. Tourists can even spend the night in one of the castles and another castle serves today as a dorm which is home for many college students.

The beauty of Vermont is only enhanced by the landmark castles and homes in the state and that is what the builders of these castles and homes wanted to accomplish.

Hildene Manor Castle in Manchester 

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Hildene Manor Castle was the home of Robert Todd Lincoln who was the only child of Abraham Lincoln to reach maturity and his wife Mary Harlan Lincoln. Hildene was completed in 1905 in Georgian Revival style and remained in the Lincoln family until 1975. Today Hildene is a tourist attraction offering tours of the house and gardens and the beautiful manor castle estate is also available for weddings and special occasions. Hildene is located right off Main Street just south of Manchester, Vermont at 1005 Hildene Road.

Everett Mansion Castle in Bennington 

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Located at 982 Mansion Drive on the campus of Southern Vermont College in Bennington, Vermont is the Everett Mansion Castle. Built by architect George Totten in 1911-1914 for glass, bottle and oil magnate Edward Everett the Everett Mansion Castle served as Edward Everett's summer home until he died just before most of his fortune went up in smoke in the stock market crash of 1929. Today the Everett Mansion Castle is the main building and home of Southern Vermont College.

Wilson Castle in Proctor 

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Located along West Proctor Road in Proctor, Vermont north of Rutland is Wilson Castle. Built beginning in 1867 by physician John Johnson and his English born wealthy heiress wife Wilson Castle is a combination of many different architecture styles including Queen Anne, Scottish Baronial and Romanesque Revival. Wilson Castle cost a nearly unheard of at the time $1.3 million dollars to build and not too many years after completion Mrs Wilson passed away and Wilson Castle was foreclosed on as Dr. Wilson could not afford the place.

In 1939 radio pioneer Herbert Lee Wilson bought the castle and put a radio station in the stable and lived in the house with his family. By 1962 Wilson was so tired of people driving up to the home for a look he started charging admission. Today Wilson Castle is run as a museum complete with guided tours for tourists and also is available for weddings and special occasions and has Haunted House Tours during Halloween. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Vermont.

Converse Hall at the University of Vermont

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Converse Hall is a castle-like dormitory located at 75 Colchester Avenue on the campus of the University of Vermont in Burlington. Converse Hall Castle was built in 1895 by the architecture and engineering firm the Wilson Brothers and Company of Philadelphia. The castle dormitory houses 164 UVM students each semester in single and double rooms and has both same sex and coed floors.

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller Mansion in Woodstock

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Located in the only National Park in Vermont called the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller Mansion was built in 1805-1807 by Charles Marsh and his son Charles Perkins Marsh inherited the estate and as one of the first environmentalists in the country Perkins Marsh started a tradition of preserving the land. In 1869 railroad tycoon Frederick Billings bought the estate and mansion and continued to conserve the land. A tradition that was carried on by Billings' granddaughter Mary who married Laurence S. Rockefeller. In 1992 the Rockefellers gifted the mansion and forest land to the United States Government and the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park was created. The mansion is located right at the entrance of the park in Woodstock, Vermont.

Jennings Music Building Castle in Bennington 

Located on the campus of Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont is the castle-like Jennings Music Building which has gained some notoriety over the years due to its being haunted by the ghost of Lila Hall Jennings who lived in the mansion and donated it and 350 acres of land to the college. Writer Shirley Jackson whose husband taught at Bennington College wrote the novel The Haunting of Hill House which likely used the Jennings Music Building Castle for inspiration.

Park-McCullough Historic Mansion in North Bennington 

Located at 1 Park Street in North Bennington, Vermont is the Park-McCullough Historic Mansion. Built in Victorian style in 1865 by architect Henry Dudley for businessman Trenor W. Park the Park-McCullough Historic Mansion is a beautiful place and a popular Vermont tourist attraction today that is open to the public for tours and also available for weddings and other private functions.

Justin Smith Morrill Wooden Castle Home 

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Located at 214 Justin Morrill Memorial Highway in Strafford, Vermont is the Wooden Gothic Revival Justin Smith Morrill Castle cottage. Morrill was a businessman who retired at age 38 and then designed and built the intriguing looking Gothic Revival wooden cottage which was completed in 1859. Morrill went on to become a United States Senator from Vermont who is famous for being the chief sponsor of the Land Grant Act which granted massive amounts of land for colleges and universities to build on. Today the Justin Smith Morrill Castle or Home is owned by the State of Vermont which runs it as a tourist attraction open to the public.

Castle Hill Resort and Spa in Proctorsville

Image Source (Okemo Ski Resort just down the road from Castle Hill Resort and Spa)

Located at 2910 Route 103 at the junction of Routes 103 and 131 in Proctorsville, Vermont is the Castle Hill Resort and Spa. The stone castle home that is now the Castle Hill Resort and Spa was built at the turn of the century by Allen Miller Fletcher the wealthy Governor of Vermont. Built in English Cotswold style the castle was the first home in Vermont to have an elevator and be fully wired with electricity. Today the castle is home to a beautiful resort and spa that is popular with tourists throughout the year even in winter when skiers at nearby Okemo Mountain Ski Resort will stay at the castle. In summer the Castle Hill Resort is a popular venue for weddings and special occasions. People love to get married in a castle especially one with such a beautiful setting in Vermont.

Hubbard Park Castle Tower in Montpelier 

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Located in Hubbard Park in Montpelier the capital city of Vermont is this 54 foot Castle Tower that was built as an observation tower.

Bellows Falls Armory Castle

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Located at 71 Westminster Street in Bellows Falls, Vermont is the Bellows Falls Armory Castle. This armory castle was built in 1915 and was the first armory built in Vermont. In 1976 it was converted into the Riverview Apartment Complex.

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