Avenger Android Game Review

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Avenger puts the players in the shoes of Montano, a devil hunter that longs to eradicate all of the evil beings in the world. Armed with some of the biggest swords you’ll ever use in a video game, you’ll have to hack and slash your way throu

From the startup art in the main menu, I immediately realized that a lot of dedication and hard work was put into the development of the game by China Wireless Arts and New Ability. I therefore excitedly tapped on “start new game” to get things going.

Gameplay and Presentation

Upon starting the game I noticed right at the onset that Avenger closely emulated the Castlevania series of Konami. I could see its Castlevania roots from the character and level design up to the plot. However, I do not have any qualms with this because the way that Avenger imitates Castlevania is right on the bat.

It is similar to Castlevania in every conceivable way - even when saving the game.

Avenger is a side-scrolling adventure game that tells a tale of a vengeful devil hunter named Montano and his quest to purge the world of all evil. The game pits Montano against legions of evil enemies. To help him in his crusade, weapons, power ups, and character upgrades are unlocked as the game progresses. Potions and other items could be found throughout the course of the game and are also available for purchase at the game’s shop using gold that you pick up from fallen enemies.

One major gripe about the game is with regards to its story and character dialogue. The story is very cheesy and the character dialogue is laughably lame. The dialogue in Avenger is easily one of the worst in videogame history. It is marred with wrong grammar all throughout that it made me laugh out loud in a few instances.

Another gripe is that the game has easy boss battles. Once I got hold of a certain weapon early in the game and developed its magic, I was virtually unbeatable when it came to boss battles. This is such a shame since the bosses would have been very interesting bouts if they were a bit more difficult. This however removes the frustration factor that arises when you get repeatedly beaten by a boss like in other games.


The control scheme in Avenger is one of the best there is in touchscreen side scrolling adventure games. It features and analog-like directional pad on the left side of the screen which disappears from view if you are not touching the screen. However, the directional button does not stay in one place like other games of this genre. Instead, it positions itself wherever you land your finger on the left side of the screen. This greatly improves the control as it eliminates the erroneous tapping of onscreen buttons. There is also a button for jump, a button for attack, a button for special attack, and a button for magic attack – all of which are responsive. Therefore, I could not ask for more when it comes to controls.

Tip: To easily level up, visit locations that you have already finished over and over. This would rack up your experience points and also increase your money and items.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics and animation of Avenger are beautiful and fluid. There are many instances in Avenger where players would be presented with dozens of enemies on screen at once yet still the game runs with no hiccups in the frame rate. One minor gripe is that the characters and enemies are too small could be hard to see for those who have poor vision. This could make the action hard to follow at times if you are faced with lots of enemies.

Music is wonderful and fits the mood of the game perfectly. Sound effects are also superb. The clashing of swords, the attacking of enemies, the execution of special abilities, they all sound great.


If you could tolerate a cheesy story and some lousy dialogue and devote a little bit of your time to play Avenger, you would find it to be a superb adventure game. In fact, this could have easily gotten a perfect score if not for the crappy story and dialogue. Well, there’s always a next time. I’m already craving for a sequel.


  • Free to download and play
  • Great graphics
  • Great sound
  • Great controls


  • Awful story and dialogue
  • Easy boss battles


Tip: Probably the best weapon to eliminate the baddies it the Lightning Slayer sword. It has the magical ability thunder crystal which quickly eliminates bosses in a jiffy. Acquire this weapon from the boss Succubus and develop its magic ability. Fighting bosses would be a breeze.

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Posted on May 8, 2012