Answering Machine Messages: Sample Messages for Your Answering Machine

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Answering Machine Messages: Sample messages for your answering machine! If you are looking for an impressive voice mail message that you can use for you own answering machine then you have reached the right spot. In this article you will find an excellen

An appropriate warm voice mail greeting can certainly make a real good impression for your phone callers or might possibly distance you from the caller just before you start the conversation with them. By recording am impressive  message aside from “hello!” will definitely make your caller feel that he/she is being properly assisted over the phone.

Here  are some great samples of answering machine messages that you can record on your own answering machine. Read on to find the perfect answering machine message that you can use for home or at office. 

1 Hello and good day! Thank you for contacting us! This is (your name) and you have reached ____ residence. On the other hand, I won’t be able take on your call at the moment, but I will make sure to give you a return call as soon as I can. So please leave your complete message and your contact number as well after the beep and rest assured that I will certainly give you a return call.

2 Howdy to you my dear caller! Thank you for calling and it’s me (your name). However, I’m not available at the moment so may you kindly leave your message and also your contact number after the tone. I promise I will call you back as soon as I get back. Thanks a lot!

3 Good day! This is (your name) however, if you wish to talk to me, I’m currently not around so please just leave your message after the cute tone. Always remember, if you can provide your mobile number please do so, so that I can able to give you an appropriate return call. Catha later!

4 Hi my friend! I’m sure this call is important but since I’m not here at my place today, you can leave your message for me after the tone. I swear in this whole world to give you a return call a.s.a.p. Please state your contact number as well. Thank you!

5 Good day! and thank you for calling! Currently, I’m a little bit busy that’s why I cannot answer your call personally. I hope it’s ok to you to leave your message after the nice cute tone I have prepared. I promise to call back as soon I’m available. Thank you and enjoy!

6 Thank you for calling ______ residences! I’m ( your name) at your service. Me and the rest of our family are currently out-of-town. If you have an important message for us, please leave your words after the tone. Enjoy your day caller as we are now. Thank you!

Hope you enjoyed reading this collection of answering machine messages. So go ahead and choose the best message and change your answering machine message today.