Altering How Your Spray Paint Cans Work

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review on Montana Caps and method of adapting it to a non-compatible spray can.

This is a review of a clever product for paint spray cans. You replace your spray can caps or nozzles with these and create a different pattern on how your paints are delivered. Since these caps I got were not compatible with the spray cans that I have, I will show a method in which it was adapted to fit a non compatible spray can.

Here are the different types of caps I have acquired.

The first cap(white) is called the fat cap. It sprays a wider round mist compared to the default spray can cap.

The second cap(red) is called the calligraphy cap. It sprays a wide horizontal but thin vertical mist. Think fan.

The third one is the skinny cap. It sprays a fine detail line.

Since our local spray can products are not a match to these caps, I had to find a way to make it fit and work.

The standard local spray can tip is 3mm in width, while these spray can caps are 1.5mm.

I found these in an electronic shop, very handy in making this method possible. Also, for modelers, this is a very nice detail up part when making pistons.

I also got the grey ones and the blue ones(not shown). They are all in different sizes.

I planned to use Teflon to avoid leaks, but it’s totally useless. The good old blu-tac does the trick in sealing the gaps on the connections.

It’s kind of uncomfortable using it for the first time since the nozzle is a bit high right now. It takes getting used to. But it does the job well.

Now for the actual sample spray patterns. What you see is a result of three quick passes from side to side. The spray can is held about 10-12 inches away from the paper

 Above the paper is the Fat cap. Below it is the normal one. Not much difference in the thickness of paint delivered but the width is a tad bigger than the normal one.

Here, the one on top is the skinny one. What you would expect from a detail sprayer. Tends to build up quickly hence the tendency to overspray and drip.

The three vertical lines you see is done using the calligraphy cap. I personally like this. I had to spray heavily on three locations without moving the spray can just to show the effect. The mist of this calligraphy cap is finer than the regular one and sprays really wide.

I got these caps via ebay. The company selling this is 4graffiti and they have other spray can tips available. They are called Montana Caps. I have no clue why.

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Judith Barton
Posted on Mar 19, 2010