Ace Cash Express vs Check Into Cash vs Cash Corner

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Ace Cash Express is known for having many physical locations making it a good choice if you’d rather go in person. Check Into Cash is an effective choice for those who want more assurances about a site’s safety given Check’s high BBB rating. Cash Co

It’s now easier than ever to get loans with fast turnaround times if you’re in a desperate hurry. Here’s a comparison between some of the more popular ways to do this online.

Ace Cash Express

Ace Cash Express does PayDay loans, Title loans, installment loans, prepaid debit cards, cash checking, money transfers and other financial transactions.


  • 48 Hour Risk-free Guarantee-Ace guarantees satisfaction for up to 2 days on a loan.
  • Norton and McAfee Secured-You can click on both the McAfee and Norton Seals at the bottom to verify that their SSL certificate is up to date at the time that you’re thinking about a transaction. This is important because it makes sure that there aren’t any malware, phishing, or other problems with the site.
  • Physical Locations-There are actually a number of physical locations you can go visit if you want to get help with your financial transaction in person. There are hundreds and hundreds of these locations across the U.S., with over 90 just in Houston, Texas.
  • Fast Customer Service-Reviews online indicate that it’s more likely to get a loan here than at many other places. They will approve just about anyone and in a hurry. There are also quite a few different customer service options for getting help with your transaction as quickly as possible. They’ve closed most of the 19 complaints filed against them over the last 3 years.


Check Into Cash

This service lifts a lot of the restrictions that other services put on approving loans. This means it’s a good choice for those who are having trouble getting approval elsewhere for whatever reason. It is true that the loans could take a little longer to go through than at other places, however.


  • No Credit Approval-The site claims that you can get a loan without having to worry about a credit check.
  • No Monthly Income Requirement-You often don’t need to show a minimum monthly income after taxes in order to get a loan.
  • A+ BBB Rating-It’s especially important to check out the credentials of sites at the Better Business Bureau when they are financial in nature. Check into Cash has the highest rating possible with this organization at least at one of their locations. This indicates that this location has done an effective job at dealing with complaints.
  • Network Solutions Secure-Check into Cash has a seal with Network solutions though this security protocol appears to be outdated at times.
  • Click to Call-If you hate having to always hang around waiting to get taken off hold, you can use the “Click to Call” feature on the site. You just put your number in the textbox in the Contact Us page, hit the orange button, and then you’ll get a call when an agent is available.

Cash Corner

Cash Corner has a site design that makes getting loans something you can do very quickly. There are only three steps once you select the amount you want on the slider at the top of the site and then click the button. This includes your personal information like name and address, whether you rent or own, how long you’ve been there, loan amount, social security number, and some other info. The site has lent over $575 million since 2006 according to their page.


  • Intuitive Site Design-One thing that’s nice about Cash Corner is that they have the slider for the amount of money you want for a loan right at the top of the site. Just indicate how much you want and then click the big orange “Get Cash Now” button.
  • No Credit Card Check Needed-Cash corner also lets you forgo the need for a credit check before getting cash.
  • Loan up to $1000-This is the amount you can get right from the top site.
  • Online Lenders Alliance Member-This organization has a link at the top of the site and it’s specifically geared towards helping people verify that the sites they are using aren’t scams.

Head to Head


The consensus online about Ace appears to be that bad customer service agents happen sometimes, and also that loans there can work out, but cashing checks appears to not work as well since sometimes they can be pushy about trying to get you to get loans. There are a number of email addresses and phone numbers available on the “Contact Us” page with a different one available for each particular topic such as Payday loans or Installment loans.

Check into Cash has the downside of not giving out same-day deposits. They also apparently shy away from approving your application with just a phone call. The support features for Check Into Cash include an option to get a call back from them by putting your number in the appropriate text box and then clicking the orange “click to call” button. There’s also an email address and other phone numbers.

Cash Corner does require a social security number, but this isn’t that uncommon. It is true that you should be careful about where you give this number out, however. All they really have for support is an email form and a physical location.

Overall, Check Into Cash seems to be the safest looking since they have the high BBB rating which isn’t really something that you can affect. This may vary location to location, however, so it’s worth checking for the specific physical location that you’re going to visit and do business at if possible.


Ace charges around $30 for every $100 you loan with a 14-day turnaround. This is definitely a bit on the high side since the average is more around $25 in the industry.

The price for loans at Check Into Cash is between $13 and $30 for every $100 you borrow though this can vary based on the specific situation.

Every $100 you borrow at Cash Corner is going to also be between $13 and $30 for the fees. This means that Cash Corner and Check Into Cash appear to be a bit lower for ratings than Ace.