vs Starfall vs Reading Eggs: Best Reading Tool for Kids

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All three reading and learning tools are great for children pre-kindergarten through second grade. has great learning tools for reading and also math, science, art and music. Starfall is mainly for teaching reading skills including English la is owned by Age of Learning, Inc. of Glendale, California. Their name means that they teach the ABC’s or educational basics to children through the use of a mouse and computer. Their web site is completely free of ads or outside intrusions that can interrupt a child’s learning, plus they are a listed Child Safe website. is for children in pre-school through kindergarten ages between 2 and 7 years old. Kids Learning Tools will teach children what they need to know so they can be ready for school in the following subjects:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Science
  • Arts and Colors
  • Music

Using a step-by-step learning path, includes 8 academic levels with over 650 lessons across 8 levels with more than 7,000 individual lessons. As your child completes each lesson, they are motivated with rewards and accolades.

Children will learn through various methods such as music, puzzles, games, songs, printouts and pictures. Each subject will teach the following:

  • Reading: Upper and lower case letters, recognizing sounds, phonics, rhyming words and word families.
  • Art and Colors includes being taught primary and secondary colors, shades of colors, coloring pages, and paint by numbers, traceables and connect the dots.
  • Books: has a large library of books for children which they will also use to learn lessons.
  • Songs: Children will learn the alphabet through the use of songs. Their song library contains new songs plus originals like Old McDonald.
  • Puzzles: There are hundreds of puzzles that children will learn from.
  • Math will teach children to recognize numbers and counting from 1 to 120. They will also learn the base tens system, learn greater than and less than, the meaning of subtraction and addition and identifying simple patterns and drawing shapes.
  • Games: has hundreds of games that children will use to learn with.
  • Science and The World Around Us will teach children about the body and health, sports, plants and animals, the weather, climate, seasons, maps, regions of the United States, the solar system and about the Earth, moon, sun and stars.
  • Music and Songs teaches children about primary and secondary colors, shades of colors and pain by numbers. Awards has won several awards including:

  • Mom’s Choice Gold Award
  • Teachers’ Choice Award
  • Parent’s Choice Additional Features

When you subscribe to, you will also get the following features:

  • Lesson Builder
  • Tickets and Rewards System
  • Progress Tracking that allows parents to see how their children are progressing
  • Customizable Avatar
  • Interactive Zoo
  • Interactive Farm
  • Record a Book
  • Aquarium
  • Frequent updates of books, songs, puzzles and more.

Their lessons are available on tablets, computers and smart phones. They also offer their website in Spanish. Subscription Costs

You can subscribe to with one of the following subscription plans:

  • $7.95 per month
  • They supposedly have a 1-year subscription, yet at this time, they are not showing that option any longer.

Customers can cancel at any time. At this time, they are offering a 30-day free trial, which could be the best way to test to find out if it is right for you and your children. for Teachers is free for teachers. has the following teaching tools for teachers:

  • Supports common core standards
  • Offers more than 7,000 learning activities
  • Full online teaching curriculum for desktops and mobile devices is used in over 65,000 classrooms today. Teachers can click on the appropriate button to begin your teaching account:

  • Public school
  • Private school
  • Head Start Customer Comments has good ratings and customer comments on iTunes and the Google store. Most complaints deal with customers that are continuing to be charged on their credit card after canceling and poor or non-existent customer service.


Starfall began in 2002 when their website first went online. Starfall founder, Stephen Schutz never forgot his childhood struggle to read and this led to the founding of Starfall to help all children learn to read.

Starfall Online Learning

Starfall is suited for pre-kindergarten to second grade. Their learning tools are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education, homeschool, and English language development (ELD, ELL, ESL).

Starfall online learning categories are:

  • ABCs
  • Learn to Read
  • It’s fun to Read
  • I’m Reading

Starfall has now included learning math for kindergarten, first grade and second grade students.

Starfall Reading Skill Courses

Starfall is great for parents, homes school parents and teachers to help children learn to read. They offer free resources and reading courses for parents and teachers including:

  • Level I reading and writing journal
  • Level I cut up and take home books
  • Level I reading awards
  • Learn to read book printouts
  • Seasonal book printouts
  • Level II reading courses of all of the above
  • Free downloads

Starfall Subscription Prices

Starfall offers several different types of memberships.

Home Membership:

This membership expands what is already free to include animated songs, mathematics and reading activities for Pre-K through second grade. This membership cost is tax deductible.

Classroom Memberships:

  • Teachers Memberships costs $70 per year and serves a single teacher and up to 6 students in a classroom. This is the best membership for small groups and is tax deductible.
  • Classroom Membership costs $150 per year and will serve an entire classroom or a small school with only one classroom per grade. Their media lab is permitted for small schools with this plan.
  • School Memberships costs $270 per year and is best for a typical school campus and is entitled to be used in all classroom computers and in the media lab.
  • Starfall Pre-K – Integrated Curriculum - costs $400 and integrates math, science, health, creative arts, social studies, physical movement, early literacy, and social-emotional development through guided instruction and imaginative play.
  • Starfall Kindergarten – English Language Arts – costs $900 and is best for a class under 20 students. This membership is a research-based, effective, and Common Core aligned, Starfall Kindergarten instills confidence and inspiration in teachers and children. Integrates science and social studies.
  • Starfall Kindergarten Mathematics Curriculum costs $410 and includes explore early algebraic concepts using numbers, shapes, and measurement tools while connecting mathematics to everyday scenarios and practical problem solving; research-based and standards-aligned.

Homeschool Memberships

  • Pre-K Homeschool Kit costs $185 and integrates math, science, health, creative arts, social studies, physical movement, early literacy, and social-emotional development, all under a framework of guided instruction and imaginative play.
  • Starfall Kindergarten Homeschool Kit costs $336. This membership will inspire and motivate your students. Developed by master teachers, Starfall Kindergarten provides all the tools, resources, and confidence you need.
  • Starfall Kindergarten Mathematics Curriculum costs $200 and helps students explore early algebraic concepts using numbers, shapes, and measurement tools while connecting mathematics to everyday scenarios and practical problem solving; research-based and standards-aligned.

All of the above Homeschool memberships also include their home memberships.

Starfall Store

Their online store sells all types of kits, books, music, teaching tools and downloads to help teachers and homeschoolers.

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is another fine child learning tool that is specifically designed to improve your child's reading skills. Reading Eggs was developed by Blake eLearning in Australia and is a part of Study Island. Reading Eggs is mainly for children ages 3 to 13 with 120 reading skill lessons that make learning to read fun for children. They have interaction animations, fun games and songs to help your child learn to read. The Reading Eggs program focuses on a core reading curriculum of skills and strategies essential for sustained reading success.

ReadingEggs Lessons

Reading Eggs Stepping Stones Reading Lessons are based on building what was learned in the previous lessons. They have five key areas that are designed for a child to become a good reader. These five key areas are:

The Stepping Stones Reading Lessons is 120 lessons divided into 40 reading lessons.

  • Lessons 1 thru 40, Starting Out are for the absolute beginner.
  • Lessons 41-80, Beginning to Read is for emerging readers.
  • Lessons 81-120 are designed to build confidence for early readers.

Reading Eggs also has many more reading lessons including:

  • Storylands, a popular book series from Blake Publishing, has 20 new reading lessons.
  • Skills Bank Spelling is the basis of the Reading Eggs learn-to-spell program. The Spelling Vault contains 96 carefully graded lessons designed for grades kindergarten through second grade.
  • Driving Test will asses a child's reading skills, phonic skills, sight word knowledge, and content vocabulary.

Learn to Read Program Features

Reading Eggs Learn to Read Program offers the following great features:

  • Kindergarten Prep begins at the emergent reading level that focuses on first sight word, letter sounds and reading simple sentences. This program can be used with individuals or the entire classroom and helps encourage and motivate students to learn reading.
  • Grade 1 provides placement tests to ensure that students are working at a level that matches their reading ability, and helps teachers decide if they should move students to an appropriate reading level. This program covers phonic skills, essential sight words, and comprehension skills.
  • Grade 2 makes the Story Factory a part of the regular writing program to improve reading skills and includes weekly contests, which is a great way to get kids writing. This section focuses on spelling, grammar and vocabulary development.
  • Support Teacher is great for struggling students and reluctant readers. This program allows these students to progress at their own pace, and each lesson provides practice in developing key reading skills and the interesting activities can be repeated as often as needed.
  • Special Needs is great for and used in many classrooms. Their bright graphics and repetition works great for a wide range of students. This includes songs and fun activities that make learning reading fun.

Reading Eggs Prices

Reading Eggs Online Reading Program Subscriptions

  • A 1 year subscription costs $59.00 and will give your child access to all parts of the Reading Eggs website for one year.
  • A 6 month subscription costs $49.95, and will give your child access to all parts of the growing Reading Eggs website.
  • Level 2 pack normally costs $100.10 is currently on sale for $65.00. This package matches lessons 41-80 of the Reading Eggs program. This pack includes 40 reading books + 200 stickers, 4 mini posters, 4 Activity Books and a pack of durable Flashcards with games.
  • Their Mega Book package is their best value at a normal cost of $243.20 is currently on sale for $110. It contains all of the Level 1 and Level 2 books for lessons 1-80 of the Reading Eggs program. The pack includes 80 reading books + 400 stickers, 8 mini posters, 8 Activity Books and two packs of durable Flashcards with games.

Reading Eggs Level Book Packs

When you buy a subscription, you can also buy books from Reading Eggs for discounts.

  • Level 1 Pack covers the first 40 lessons of the Reading Eggs program and includes 40 books, 200 stickers, 4 mini posters, 4 activity books and flashcards with games for a cost of $65.00.
  • Level 2 Pack covers lessons 41-80 and includes 40 books, 200 stickers, 4 mini posters, 4 activity books and flashcards with games for a cost of $65.00.
  • The Mega Pack covers all of level 1 and level 2 books for lessons 1 thru 80 for a price of $110.

Reading Eggs Mathseeds

Reading Eggs has recently added a math teaching program that is suitable for children ages 3 through 8 years of age. Their 1-year subscription for their Mathseeds program is $49.95.

Reading Eggs Customer Comments

Reading Eggs has great customer comments on the internet. One customer comment states that Reading Eggs was great for her 11 year old with ADHD. Her child loved Reading Eggs and helped him learn and retain what he learned. The following parent had this to say about Reading Eggs:

At the very least, if you have a reluctant reader, a special needs child, or just a normal child needing a little reading practice, you should take the free trial and see if you like it. My son has completed 2 whole levels, and he still likes to play it every day. I am happy, because he is playing and learning.”

That is an impressive comment from a parent and there other comments like this on the internet.

Reading Eggs Coupon