6 Rock Songs on Cheating: 1 Bryan Adams, 4 Bon Jovi and 1 KISS

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This article features information, videos, album covers and lyrics for 6 rock songs about cheating, performed by Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi and Kiss.

Songs are more fun when they tell stories. Getting creative for good songwriters isn’t all that hard. Even when they are talking about relationships, they can tell millions of stories. And since cheating is very common, why not get their creative juices flowing for that theme, right? It might be as innocent as not being able to help falling for someone unavailable or not so sweet as in sleeping with someone all the while they know they are being involved and not caring at all. Here we go:

Artist: Bryan Adams, Song: Fearless - Album: On a Day Like Today (1998)


Fearless has good music and brilliant vocals. I mean, it is Bryan Adams we are talking about. But the song is about a girl who is with someone else and Bryan wants to be with her no matter what. Sure, he would love it if the girl left the other guy. Of course we can’t know whether it is good fiction or Bryan really fell for someone attached in real life as well. Great song. If you do ignore the fact that the girl is two-timing, it is pretty romantic too. Fearless is listed among Bryan Adams songs.

“It's 3 am - and i'm lying here next to you what cha gonna do?

Will you tell a story - when he asks you where the hell you've been or will you tell the truth?

I ain't holdin' back - i know where i stand

You just want to be with you

Ya gotta face the fact - bay i'm your man

I've gotta get it through to you

I'm fearless

You don't have to hide - you don't have to share half your lifewith some other guy”

Band: Bon Jovi, Song: Damned - Album: These Days (1995)


These Days is one of the most rock Bon Jovi albums. Bon Jovi has done their share of pop-rock and slow rock songs but These Days is a treasure of guitar riffs, mature lyrics and a much more depressive point of view than any other Bon Jovi album released. I should know, I own all of them.

It is safe to say the songs aren’t happy-go-lucky, not even the fast ones. Damned is an energetic, quality rock song and it is one of the least romantic and sensitive the band members have written. The guy in the song is sleeping with a girl who is either engaged or married . He is not exactly thrilled about the situation but he is not getting out. It is especially recommended for those who associate Bon Jovi with love songs such as Always and Bed of Roses.

“I'm lying here beside you in someone else's bed

Knowing what were doing's wrong

But better left unsaid

Your breathing sounds like screaming

It's all that I can stand

His ring is on your finger

But my heart is in your hands

Damned if you love me

Damned if you don't

It's getting harder holding on, but I can't let you go

Damned if you don't need me

Damned if you do

God, I wish it wasn't me standin' in these shoes

Damned, damned”

Enjoy the concert performance:


Artist: Bon Jovi, Song: Bed of Roses - Album: Keep The Faith (1992)

On my Bon Jovi trivia on Factoidz, I mentioned the story behind this song. The lyrics say:

“Sitting here wasted and wounded

At this old piano

Trying hard to capture

The moment this morning I don't know

'Cause a bottle of vodka

Is still lodged in my head

And some blonde gave me nightmares

I think that she's still in my bed

As I dream about movies

They won't make of me when I'm dead”

It is much more subtle than the previous songs I mentioned but if you add the story to the “blonde” in the song and the other girl the song is dedicated to, it is safe to say there are some complications here.

Band: Bon Jovi, Song: Always - Album: Cross Road (Greatest Hits, 1994)


Up until I saw the Always video, I didn’t think the song was about cheating. Because after all, the lyrics don’t mentions anything like that. It simply says “I made mistakes, I am just a man” in some parts. But the video is all about cheating-what it implies for a relationship and whether it can be salvaged afterwards. The video is like a tasteful little movie. It features actress Keri Russell (Waitress, August Rush, Leaves of Grass), a good emotional story and Jon Bon Jovi looking and sounding amazing as always. The song is written by Jon Bon Jovi. If you forget about the video, it is a very romantic song. But for me it loses all the romance if you think the “mistake” is sleeping with someone else. Especially with that particular someone in the video…

Band: Bon Jovi, Song: Dirty Little Secret - Album: Have a Nice Day (2005)


I guess this factoidz shows two things: I love Bon Jovi and Bon Jovi members love writing and singing about cheating. This is a fast song, in the spirit of the damned. Have A Nice Day is a solid rock album and this one is one of the best. And I am honestly more into great electric-guitar riffs and solos than romantic lyrics. And let’s not forget sexy vocals.

“I light a candle

In the garden of love

To blind the angels

Looking down from above

I want, I need

The fruit of your VINE

It tastes so bitter sweet

Cause I know it's not mine

I want to come inside

Hit the lights

And I'll come crawling through your window tonight

Come on and send the sign

I'll be your dirty little secret and you'll be mine

You got me knock knock knocking at your door

And I'll be coming back for more

We made a promise and we'll keep it

Our dirty little secret

We act like strangers

When you're holding his hand

Cause there's a danger

That we both understand

We run like thieves

Through the temple of sin

Till we fall on our knees then you go back to him

I want to feel alive”

Artist: KISS, Album: Dressed to Kill, Song: Two Timer (1975)

This song is a perfectly characteristic KISS song: it is fun, it rocks and the lyrics are really entertaining. This time the song’s hero is being two-timed but he doesn’t seem to mind.

“And she tells me she likes fast cars

She says she likes mine the best

And just because of that, baby

You think she'd forget the rest, no, no, no

Just call me a three time loser

That's all I'll ever be

'Cause my baby's such a two timer

You know she's two timing, she's a-two timing me”


Lyrics from:http://www.sing365.com



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