6 Inexpensive Ways to Pamper Your Lover

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Inexpensive tips to pamper your lover without ever having to leave the home.

With a busy schedule and many commitments that can tend to become overwhelming, we often neglect the special little things that keep intimacy and specialness in our partnerships. Listed below are 6 easy and simple ways to pamper your lover.

1. A Soothing Foot Soak

Spa treatments are not only an expensive luxury for many people, they are also time consuming. We end up having to set appointments for lengthy pampering that are done by strangers. So now is the best time more than ever to take advantage of at-home spa-like treatments for you and your lover.

Boil a pot of water on the stove with natural mineral salts, such as Pink Himalayan Salt that contains 84 minerals and is chemical free. Once the pot has been boiling for approximately 5-7 minutes, remove it from the heat. Next, take a large scoop of dried whole lavender and place it in the center of a sheet of cheesecloth. Pull the edges together and tie them together to keep the lavender from slipping out. Place the cheesecloth in the pot of hot water and allow it to steep for at least 10 minutes. You may want to also add a drop or two of lemon juice in the water, to add a hint of citrus but be careful not to overwhelm the other aroma's with too much.

Next, take an ordinary large bucket or bin and place it at your partners feet. A square bucket is usually the best to give room for his or her feet and pour in the contents of the pot. .

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The minerals from the salt will act as a detoxifying agent while allowing the body to absorb those minerals that may be deficient. The lavender creates a sense of relaxation and the citrus is refreshing.

2. Hot Stone Massage

This is a favorite among spa's and massage therapy sessions, and it is very easy to recreate at home. At most craft supply stores are bags of natural river rock or other large stone accents that have been tumbled to a smooth finish. Some are as inexpensive as $7 a bag.

Boil a pot of water on the stove and place the stones inside. Be careful not to drop them in where they damage the pot. Place them in gently. It only takes a few moments for the stones to heat up so while they're heating up, ask your partner to lie down on their stomach with their shirt off in a comfortable location such as a bed. Have a large towel handy.

Take your favorite essential oil (Be careful of allergies. Test them before hand) and set them where they are easily accessible.

Empty the pot of water and bring the stones over to where you are going to do the massage. Pour the hot stones into the towel and wrap them up. This will do two things. It will heat the towel and cool down the stones simultaneously. When the stones are cool enough not to burn your partner, (Do a touch test to be sure), then sprinkle essential oil along their back and begin to massage it in with one of the large stones. Keep the other stones in the towel until all the oil has been massaged into the skin.

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Next, place all the stones along the spine from the neck down and leave enough room in between each one so they do not clink together. Then place the towel over top of their back and allow the heat to relax their muscles. You can repeat this as many times as needed, just by placing the stones back in the pot for a quick warm up.

3. Wine and Dine

As simple as it sounds, a beautiful home cooked meal with candle light and soft music goes a long way. Even for couples who spend many nights at home cooking, setting the mood and what you prepare can make all the difference. Serving a several course meal that emphasizes on sensual foods that aren't too filling and accentuating the meal with a nice bottle of wine adds a perfect setting to enhance the mood. Prepare foods that steer clear of carbohydrates so that you and your partner don't fill up too quickly or become tired afterwards. It's difficult to enjoy each other if you're too stuffed and sleepy. It makes cuddling, and even more intimate moments uncomfortable. So instead, keep the dishes light but stimulating with complex flavors that offer just the right contrast but can still compliment one another. Also, it's good to avoid strong flavors that linger such as garlic. It has a tendency to clash with other scents such as perfumes or scented candles.

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A memorable romantic dinner with your partner shows effort and creativity.

4. Read to Your Lover

Believe it or not, reading to your lover not only reduces your stress, it reduces theirs by allowing something relaxing, humorous or adventurous to take their mind off of the day and just focus on you two together. Reading joke books together or even a book of poetry can create better intimacy and show your partner attention by making the effort to entertain them.

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5. Dress it Up!

There is nothing more sexy and sensual than dressing to the nines for the one you love. Wear something that gets their engine revving and blood flowing to show him or her that you enjoy making the effort for them, and that their opinion of your appearance matters. Take a night off from the sweats and oversized tee-shirts. And don't just wear a great outfit, wear a smile too. Nothing sends a signal of invitation for something more than wearing a smile with direct eye contact.

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Part of pampering is paying attention to the details of your partners needs so direct eye contact and a listening ear matters. Give your mate your undivided attention.

6. Bathe Your Lover

Nothing says pampering like bathing your lover. Whether in the shower or drawing a bath for him or her, take the opportunity to have a little fun. Wash their hair, scrub their chest and body with a loofah, and enjoy touching each other in a sensual way without expectations of where it will lead. Some couples prefer to shave each other as well. For example, it is very alluring for a man to shave his girlfriend or wife's legs. It shows gentleness and care for details. And for women, to take the time to shave his neck or back and take part in his grooming can be comforting for him as well.

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