30 Interesting Facts About Aristotle, the Great Greek Philosopher

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The Greek philosopher Aristotle is one of the most popular men in the world. He is well-known from the Ancient time, through the Middle Ages and even up to the Modern Ages. He contributed widely in many subjects especially in science and logic. Here are

Here are some of the most important and interesting facts about Aristotle.

1. Aristotle is regarded by many as the most intelligent man to ever walk on this planet.

2. This genius was born in 384 BCE in Stageira, Chalcide in ancient Macedonia which is now northern Greece.

3. He belonged to a noble family and his father was a doctor - the personal physician to King Amyntas of Macedon.

4. Aristotle married Pythias, adoptive daughter of Hermias. She bore him a daughter, whom they also named Pythias.

5. He had a son named Nicomachus who died in a battle while still a lad. The Nicomachen Ethics, a compilation of Aristotle’s lecture notes, was probably dedicated and named after him.

6. Aristotle’s father is also called Nicomachus.

7. When his wife Pythias died, Aristotle became involved with Herpyllis, the mother of Nicomachus. She was the former slave of Pythias.

8. He also had an eromenos named Palaephatus of Abydus, a historian.

9. During his teen age, the richest and largest city-state of Greece is Athens.

10. Aristotle went to Athens when he was 17 and lived in that city for the most of his life.

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11. He was a student of Plato in the “Academy”. And like his teacher, his main source of income is also teaching. He founded his own school known as the “Lyceum”.

12. This great teacher in history was a teacher to Cassander and Ptolemy, who would both eventually be crowned kings.

13. Cassander became king of Macedonia and Ptolemy became king of Egypt.

14. He went back and lived in Macedonia for 10 years from 345 BCE to 335 BCE where he worked as tutor to Alexander the Great.

15. Aristotle traveled with Theophrastus to the island of Lesbos and researched the botany and zoology of the island.

16. Alexander and Aristotle were good friends. Alexander would collect specimens from the lands he conquered for Aristotle.

17. When Alexander the Great died in 323 BCE, Aristotle and other friends of Alexander the Great became unpopular.

18. Aristotle was force to close his school in Athens and died a year after (322 BCE) Alexander’s death.  He’s 62 years of age.

19. After more than twenty-three hundred years from his death, Aristotle remains one of the most influential people who ever lived.

20. This polymath’s most favorite subject is science especially biology, zoology and astronomy.

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Plato and Aristotle

21. Aside from science, he also contributed in the fields of ethics, logic, metaphysics, music, poetry, politics and theater.

22. Aristotle invented a new science called “causality” – a science which explained why things happen.

23. He introduced a new way of studying where he looked for clues and for proofs.

24. Aristotle’s method of questioning influenced many scholars for several centuries.

25. He wrote many books and he kept notes to help teach his students.

26. Aristotle composed two types of works, the first is designed for the general public and the other is designed specifically for students and teachers of philosophy.

27. Muslim scientists carefully preserved the writings of Aristotle when Ancient Greek civilization collapsed. They passed Aristotle’s writings to scholars in Asia and Europe.

28. Many of his writings were lost and only one third survived to this day.

29. Aristotelian philosophy had a great influence on both Christian and Islamic religious thought.

30. Aristotle’s literary style is "a river of gold" as described by Cicero.

Aristotle Facts Conclusion

As you can see, Aristotle was one of the most important figures in our planets history.  Many of our current thoughts and ideas today have survived since the time of Aristotle and Plato. His father Nicomachus died when he was a young boy, and even though little is know about his mother, Phaestis, it is believed she also died when he was a young boy.

Aristotle, being a student of Plato also studied the teaching of Socrates, and was a part of his academy for two decades. Aristotle disagreed with some of the teachings of Plato, which many believe kept Aristotle from becoming the director of the academy.

His understand of science is of great importance to everything we know today. He is still revered as the most intelligent man every to walk on the planet.  


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