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3 Ways to Relieve Constipation Naturally

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No matter why you have constipation, it still sucks! It can be hell trying to find an over the counter solution. Try out these 3 tips to get relief between your cheeks!

Whether you suffer from IBS, IBD, Lactose Intolerance, or just plain Stress; You can find some natural relief!

There are many natural methods that have been around for centuries, but they have gone unnoticed since the dawn of prescription medications. If you're like most constipation suffers, you know that natural methods are much cheaper, easier and effective than conventional methods.

#1: Watch What You Eat

Constipation is a sign of not enough liquids and/or too much/too little fiber! So make sure to drink extra water, and avoid high fiber foods for a while. If avoiding high fiber foods doesn't seem to do the trick, try adding a little more fiber!

High Fiber foods tend to be: Cereals, grains, breads, pastas, rice, oatmeal, beans, nuts, pop corn, some vegetables, and most fruits.

Make sure not to eliminate any of these things from your diet, or you'll get nasty diarrhea, but make sure these things are low on your food chain. Fiber is a tricky thing, and many people assume that it relieves constipation. In fact, it is an element that needs to be balanced in order to keep your plumbing functioning right. Limiting fibrous foods and drinking lots more water will help your digestive tract great softer easier to pass stools.

#2: Exercise!

Seriously. I know no body likes the big E-word, but its one of the most effective natural methods you can find. Exercising can help your intestines work better, stronger and easier, which makes your bathroom visits much more pleasant. Not only that, but exercising is a great way to relieve cramping and bloating.

What are the best constipation relieving exercises?:

*Jogging                                      *Walking

*Swimming                                 *Dancing

*Cycling                                      *Cardio

When you exercise, you increase your bodies ability to distribute blood to the places it needs to go. It has been proven that many sensitive tummies have been developed because of poor circulation or not enough blood getting to the nerves in your intestines.

Get up! Get Active! Get Moving!    If your a chronic sufferer, you wont regret it!

#3: Something Less Conventional

Getting in touch with some THC can relieve more things than just your abdominal pains. It has been proven in studies to help calm those quaking and spasming attacks that are caused by gas, constipation or IBS. It has also been proven to be highly effective in helping Chron's Disease patients.

The relaxing effects of THC (which is generally found in Marijuana), can help your intestines pass those bulk bowel movements much easier and faster, because it relaxes the nerves in your intestinal wall. It is also a theory that THC can help your stomach digest and process foods easier. Just be careful when those munchie cravings come around! They can lead you to craving grease filled and fatting foods, which can lead to more digestive problems.

*PLEASE NOTE: Marijuana and most of its derivatives are illegal in most US states, and it is still against federal law to use or possess marijuana without a medical prescription. Because of these laws, I cannot suggest you 'should' try this third option, and if you do, you do so at your own risk.

Use - Don't Abuse and Use Wisely

Peace, love, happiness and Blessed Be


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Posted on Nov 15, 2010
Epic Strategist
Posted on Feb 5, 2010
Kaleidoscope Acres
Posted on Feb 4, 2010
Posted on May 23, 2009

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