2011 Chrysler Mini-van Rattle Explained

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A description of a problem with loose flexplate bolts on 2011 Chrysler mini-vans

Do you have a noise coming from the under carriage of your 2011 Chrysler mini-van? If your mechanic is telling you that you are hearing things when you complain of a knocking noise or a rattle from underneath ask them to look again, you may be right. Consumers are coming into dealerships with just this complaint and Chrysler has found that the repair is not necessarily an easy one, the good news is that the repair should be covered under your vehicles warranty.

According to Chrysler this problem is occurring on some 2011 Town & Country and Grand Caravan mini-vans that have a 3.6L engine and that was manufactured before December 22, 2011. The problem is caused by loose crankshaft to flexplate bolts. If your vehicle is making a noise currently, make an appointment to have it checked out and make sure you mention to the service manager that you read about a problem with the retaining bolts holding the crankshaft to the flexplate.  

A vehicles transmission is one of the most intricate and complex components on your vehicle. Its job is to take the power generated by the vehicles engine and transfer it out to the wheels. The flexplate bolts onto the crankshaft, connecting the engine and transmission. If those bolts are not adequately torqued, the result is a rattle or a knock from the undercarriage of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this problem. In order to make sure if the retaining bolts are the problem, you should make sure that the technician removes the transaxle (the transmission) and checks the torque on the flexplate bolts. If the torque is 70 ft. lbs or more, this is not the source of your problem. If the torque is less than 70 ft.lbs means that the flexplate will have to be replaced along with a spacer and the retaining bolts. The bolts should not be reused, they need to be replaced. The new bolts should be torqued in a crisscross pattern to 70 ft. lbs.

If the bolts were not properly torqued during production, this repair should eliminate the noise. Once again, this problem is occurring on Chrysler Town and Country or Grand Caravans with a 3.6L engine that was produced before 12/22/10. You can find the production date on the sticker on the inside of the driver side door.

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Jim Connolly
Posted on Dec 30, 2015