14 Most Peculiar and Most Unusual but Beautiful Flowers

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A list of peculiar-looking but pretty flowers.

Without plants what would life be?

There are 258,650 known species of flowering plant on the planet. Here are some of the most peculiar and unique flowering plants and their flowers.

1.) White Egret Flower (Pecteilis radiata)

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At a single glance, this unusual flower can be mistaken for a bird. This beautiful flower is an orchid species native to China, Japan, Korea and Russia. It is commonly known as the White Egret Flower.

2.) Bat Flower (Tacca chantetrieri )

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The peculiar flower of the Bat Flower is one of the most unusual-looking in the world. It is endemic to the tropical regions of Africa, Australia and south-eastern Asia.

3.) White Bat Flower (Tacca integrifolia)

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White Bat is another species of Tacca plant. Many species of the genus Tacca are cultivated as ornamental plants for their bold foliage and large unique flowers.

4.) Bell Mimosa (Dichrostacchys cinerea)

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The Bell Mimosa which can be found in South Africa is characterized by colorful yellow and lilac or pale purple flowers. It is also commonly known as Chinese Lantern Tree and Kalahari Christmas Tree.

5.) Pagoda Flower (Clerodendrum paniculatum)

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This unique and pretty flower is called the Pagoda Flower. The above picture was photographed near Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui in Costa Rica. It was so named because of its resemblance to a pagoda.

6.) Sea Poison Tree (Barringtonia asiatica)

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Sea Poison Tree is a unique flowering plant endemic to mangrove habitats on the tropical coasts and islands of the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean. It can be found from Zanzibar east to Taiwan, Philippines, Fiji and New Caledonia. It is a popular decorative plant that is grown along streets. Its large pinkish-white, pom pom flowers give off a sickly sweet smell to attract bats and moths which pollinate the flowers at night. It is also commonly known as Box Fruit due to the distinct boxed like shaped fruit it produces and Fish Poison Tree.

7.) Queen Sago (Cycas circinalis)

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The Queen Sago is a head turning plant with a very big cone (flower). It is native to the island of Guam, an American protectorate in the Pacific.

8.) Wiliwili (Erythrina sandwicensis)

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The brightly colored Wiliwili is a unique plant with intricately-shaped flowers. It is native to the Hawaiian Islands and can be found in dry forests. Cultivation of Wiliwili is slowly becoming popular. It can be easily propagated from cuttings. It is a popular street tree in dry regions.

9.) Golden Eardrops (Ehrendorferia chrysantha)

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The captivating Golden Eardrops is native to dry regions of California and Baja California. This plant with peculiar but beautiful flowers has blue-green leaves with many lobed leaflets. Its beautiful flowers are yellow and aromatic, with the tips of two outer petals curved outward from two central petals.

10.) Silk Flower (Albizia julibrissin)

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Albizia julibrissin is a legume endemic to Asia from Iran east to China and Korea. This plant with a unique-looking flower is named after the Italian nobleman Filippo del Albizzi. He introduced the plant to Europe in the mid-18th century from Persia now known as Iran.

11.) Bitterroot (Lewisia rediviva Pursh)

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The pretty-looking Bitterroot is a small plant with beautiful pink to white flower. This peculiar and unusual but beautiful flower is the state flower of Montana, USA. The flower stems are leafless bearing at the tip. At maturity, the bitterroot produces egg-shaped capsules with 6-20 nearly round seeds. It can be found from British Columbia to southern California, Colorado and Arizona.

12.) Red Pitaya (Hylocereus undatus)

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This plant is quite unique. It is cultivated not only for its delicious fruits but also as an ornamental vine for its lovely and unique-looking flowers. Its fruit is called Pitaya or Dragonfruit.

13.) Sacred Garlic Pear (Crateva religiosa)

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Sacred Garlic Pear is a flowering tree which is also known as Temple Plant. It is also sometimes called the Spider Tree for its showy flowers that bear long and spidery stamens. Its fruit is edible and its nectar-filled flowers are attractive to a multitude of insects and birds.

14.) Steriphoma paradoxum

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This brightly orange-colored flower is known from South-America. The above picture was photographed at the Botanical Garden Berlin in Germany.

There you have it, the most peculiar and most unusual but beautiful flowers in the world.

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