14 Types of Industrial Engineering Jobs

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In contrast to other fields of engineering, industrial engineering is a multidisciplinary science. In addition to studying mathematics and physics as other engineering, industrial engineering also learn management (scientific), economics, psychology, phys

Industrial engineering is one field of engineering. It is relatively younger than other engineering fields such as civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and so forth. This field is derived from mechanical engineering. Therefore many industrial engineering courses are in the same department with mechanical engineering. In contrast to other fields of engineering, industrial engineering is a multidisciplinary science. In addition to studying mathematics and physics as other engineering, industrial engineering also learn management (scientific), economics, psychology, physiology and so on. Because the scope of this field is vast, so many people are confused about what the core of this science and what work is appropriate for the industrial engineer. Actually the core of this science is the design for the optimization and integration of a system, especially the industrial system. Because of the integrative characteristics, this science touches every aspect of a system. So jobs for industrial engineers are very numerous and very wide. There are indeed some jobs can only be filled by the industrial engineer, but there are also some jobs where industrial engineers typically work closely with other engineering fields, or even non-engineering fields. Here are 14 jobs that are suitable for industrial engineer.

1. Specialized industrial engineering division

Some companies have a special division for industrial engineering. This division aims to integrate and optimize the entire system in the Integration of upstream to downstream. The name of this division vary, some use the name of industrial engineering division, systems integration division, and some even called it the division of Toyota Production System (TPS) because Toyota is arguably one of the pioneer and most successful in industrial engineering way. This work is most suitable job for industrial engineers, but not all companies have this division.

2. Production division

Production division is one of the most suitable jobs for industrial engineer considering the production techniques is major core of industrial engineering. Industrial engineer serves to optimize the production chain with lean thinking, savings, elimination of 7 waste, etc. Industrial engineer is very suitable for the production in manufacturing industries such as automobile and so on. But this is also for other industries. For production in the food and beverage industry, industrial engineer usually work closely with food technology graduate and for the production the mining industry or the oil and gas industry, industrial engineer usually work with mining engineer or petroleum engineer.

3. Engineering division

Engineering division could be one alternative job for industrial engineer. The division is closely associated with the machines, tools, and equipment of production. In practice, this division is actually more filled by the mechanical engineer or electrical engineer. However, as mentioned earlier, industrial engineering is the fraction of mechanical engineering, so industrial engineers also know enough about machinery. In addition one of the main cores of the engineering industry is a manufacturing technique that is very closely related to this division. Besides engineering division are intimately associated with the production division. Here industrial engineer can also play a major role because industrial engineers have better comprehension of production system.

4. PPIC division / warehouse

Division is arguably only be filled by the industrial engineer because PPIC (Production Planning and Inventory Control) is only studied in this field. Therefore, the division PPIC can be one of the mainstay jobs for industrial engineer even though PPIC is only a fraction of industrial engineering.

5. SHE division

Division of SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) is currently more filled by graduates of public health, occupational medicine and environmental engineer. But in fact the work is also very suitable for industrial engineer. One of the main cores of industrial engineering is the ergonomics. It is very much related to the safety and health, especially the physical ergonomics. Even among backgrounds mentioned above, only the industrial engineering is a really talented to design a system such as machinery, tools, work methods, organization, etc. to make it safe for workers. Industrial engineers can also synchronizing the interests of safety to the interests of production and internal management purposes. Because of this, many companies are now starting to put the industrial engineer in this division. The field of safety engineering is actually also part of industrial engineering. For environmental issues, industrial engineering is also studying the waste management, although still not as detailed as in environmental engineering.

6. HRD division

Jobs in HRD division are filled by three educational backgrounds that is psychological, legal, and industrial engineering. All three have different functions and specialization in human resources. Industrial engineer has the advantage that they are more familiar with field, job site or production floor making them easier to interact with the field worker and is well aware of the instruments of labor, work machines, working methods, production, and other engineering element that is almost nothing to do with psychology or law. One of the main cores of the industrial engineering is ergonomics that have principle of human centered design. One branch of the ergonomics that is organizational ergonomics is also widely applied in HRD such as the productivity of human resources, communications, human resource management, work design, teamwork, virtual organizations etc.

7. Maintenance division

Jobs in maintenance division are pretty much acted by industrial engineers. Although this area have more contact with machinery and filled more by mechanical engineer but industrial engineer has advantages in the field of reliability engineering and management systems as well. One famous maintenance management in industrial engineering is the total productive maintenance.

8. Cost planning division

Job as a cost planner is very suitable for industrial engineers. The main cost is production cost and the most familiar to production is none other than industrial engineer. In industrial engineering, there are also engineering economics and cost analysis as part of managerial accounting. This accounting is different from the much-studied accounting at the economics faculty. It is more intended for the internal interests of the company.

9. Quality control division

Quality of a product is determined from the elements in the production system as a whole even starting from raw material supply. The most familiar to flow from upstream to downstream is industrial engineer. Therefor job as quality controller is also suitable for industrial engineer. Here industrial engineer also works closely with other backgrounds such as mechanical engineers and so on. The fact that the statistical capability of industrial engineer is one of the best among the engineers and making this position is suitable for industrial engineer. But the industrial engineer is rarely placed on quality control of food and beverage or pharmaceuticals industries.

10. R & D division

Job in division of R & D (Research & Development) is also suitable for industrial engineer. One of the main cores in industrial engineering is the manufacturing engineering in which there is product design & development. In R & D, industrial engineers work closely with other engineers such as mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and so on. But the industrial engineer (and the other engineer) will be placed in a less suitable in R & D of food and beverage industry, medicine, etc. Industrial engineer is more suited to R & D manufacturing, especially automobiles, motorcycles and the like.

11. SCM division

Division of SCM (Supply Chain Management) can also be an alternative job for the industrial engineer. Systemic and integration capabilities owned by industrial engineer make them easier to understand the details of the product flow from upstream to downstream, from the point of origin of raw materials to products in the hands of consumers. Division of SCM is usually filled by graduates of management and industrial engineering.

12. Other divisions (purchasing, marketing, etc.)

Many other divisions are open vacancies for industrial engineers. Several divisions are not directly related to industrial engineering, for example purchasing division. However, because this division is closely related to the PPIC and is one of supporting the production, this division is filled by industrial engineer and another engineer mainly mechanical engineer who is familiar wirh parts, machinery and tools. Many divisions are almost entirely unrelated to industrial engineering such as sales or marketing division. But many companies are hiring industrial engineer for this division because industrial engineer is known as a better understanding of engineering as well as business. Industrial engineer usually have better social and communication skill than the other engineer, although not always. General affairs division can also be filled by the industrial engineer and other background as well.

13. Consultant

Consultant is pretty much chosen by industrial engineers as their job. Industrial engineers have the capability of integration and systemic thinking that is needed by the consultant.

14. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is cool and well-paid job but also the most challenging and risky. As the name implies, industrial engineer is actually taught to design industries included in set it up. This capability can be used to start a business, although not always in manufacturing, but with the same principle. Among the engineers, industrial engineers are known to have the best senses of entrepreneurship and business.

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