12 Ways to Promote a Healthy Environment

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Energy conservation is an essential ingredient in reducing energy costs as well as promoting a healthy environment.

Energy conservation is one of the important ways in promoting a healthy and green environment. But many people have taken this strategy for granted. So, how do you promote a healthy environment?

Here are the 12 ways you can do to conserve energy and promote a healthy environment:

1. Prevent or fix any energy leaks you find at home. Survey shows that heating and cooling contribute up to 50% of the monthly electric bill. So, if you fix any leaks at home, you will reduce the energy costs. Plug up the energy leaks, insulate your home and seal the ducts.

2. Lower the home thermostats. Some have their hot water heater, heater and refrigerator thermostats set to undesirable temperatures. It is better to set the heater to 68 degrees F or lower during the winter season and then 78 degrees F or more during summer.

3. Switch many bulbs at home to combine fluorescent bulbs. According to California Energy Commission, lighting is reported to be consumed up to 25% of the average electricity consumption at home. Compact fluorescent bulbs are cheaper and easier to find in the stores or online.

4. Purchase a lower-flow shower head. By using this, you will not only save your hot or cold water but also save energy as well.

5. Plant some trees in your front or backyard. Trees will cool your home which will reduce the use of energy for cooling. Other benefits include: improve your mental health, increase the property value, decrease urban runoff, decrease noise pollution and capture the dust particles in the air.

6. Turn off the devices when not in use. Completely unplug them so that you will see the difference of your next electricity bill. You will be amazed on how turning off and unplugging them help a lot.

7. Wash the dishes on your own. If you do not have many dishes that need to be washed, it is best to wash them on your own, instead of using dish washers. In doing so, you will lower the electricity bill.

8. Replace faucets that leak. In United States, many people use hot water for their faucets which means that if the faucet is leaking, more energy is wasted. So, it is best to get somebody to repair or replace them.

9. Dry the washed clothes outside your house. Instead of using the dryer, you can significantly change your next electric bill. Hang them in the long string.


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