10 Largest Buildings in the World

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The largest buildings in the world based upon square footage floor space.

These are the ten largest buildings in the world based upon floor space measured by square feet. The sheer size of these buildings is almost impossible to grasp and most need to be seen in person to believe. Some of these largest buildings are airport terminals, some are government buildings and others are hotels, casinos and shopping centers.

Though none of the top 5 largest buildings in the world are located in the United States though the USA has more of the top ten largest buildings in the world than any other country. Five of these buildings are located in Asia, four are located in North America and one is located in Europe. To read more about the largest buildings located in the United States just follow the links provided.

1) Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport - 16.1 million square feet of floor space

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Completed in 2008 Terminal 3 at the Dubai International Airport is the largest building in the world with 16.1 million square feet of floor space. Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and Terminal 3 alone can handle some 43 million passengers due to its great size. Dubai is a place of great wealth and the rulers there do not like to do anything in a less than grand way including the airport which is the first thing visitors and tourists to Dubai see when exiting their flights.

2) CentralWorld in Bangkok - 11 million square feet

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CentralWorld is an 11 million square foot shopping center, hotel and office complex located in Bangkok, Thailand. Originally built in 1990 and greatly expanded in 2006 CentralWorld was heavily damaged by recent political protests and riots which were met with military force. CentralWorld is being renovated and expected to be usable again in the near future.

3) Aalsmeer Flower Auction in the Netherlands - 10.6 million square feet

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Located in the city of Aalsmeer in the Netherlands is the largest flower auction in the world conducted in the 3rd largest building in the world. Flowers from all over the globe end up being auctioned off at the Aalsmeer Flower Auction and planes loaded with flowers leave Aalsmeer daily bound for all parts of the world.

4) Terminal 3 at the Beijing International Airport - 10.6 million square feet

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Due to incredibly rapid economic growth which has spurred massive airline traffic growth the state-controlled company which owns the Beijing International Airport added the 10.6 million square foot Terminal 3 to the airport in 2008. Beijing International Airport is now the largest volume airport in Asia and 3rd largest in the world which is no surprise given that China just passed Japan as the 2nd largest economy in the world.

5) The Venetian Macao in China - 10.5 million square feet

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The Venetian Macao is a 10.5 million square foot casino hotel located in the special administrative district of Macao along the southeast coast of China. The Venetian Macao was opened in 2007 by its owner the Las Vegas Sands which is a casino resort company based in Paradise, Nevada. This huge casino hotel which opened in 2010 contains over 3,000 suites for its guests and gamblers.

6) The Palazzo in Las Vegas - 6.9 million square feet

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7) The Pentagon in Virginia - 6.6 million square feet

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8) K-25 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee - 6.58 million square feet

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9) Air Force Plant 4 in Fort Worth, Texas - 6.5 million square feet

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10) Marina Bay Sands in Singapore - 6.3 million square feet

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The Marina Bay Sands is a unique looking casino hotel located on Marina Bay in Singapore. In addition to the 2,560 room casino hotel this massive building contains a 120,000 square foot convention center, a shopping mall, two theater complexes, restaurants, a n art and science museum, floating pavilions and the world's longest elevated swimming pool which is 627 feet high. Whether by design or not the building looks like a giant horse with six legs.

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