You Always Remember Your First... Blog!
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You Always Remember Your First... Blog!

Amusing anecdotes, thoughts on how to fix the economy.

Having contributed numerous keystrokes to other sites, it was time to stroke for myself. Solo efforts do have their own rewards. Being ADD and OC, my topics will vary depending on mood, phase of the moon, and how many Twizzlers I've consumed pushing me further toward the world of the diabetic coma.

My first blog is basically just an intro about me and the desire to blog. Recently I just turned 40 and as a guy who sells life insurance, I know all too well I'm technically middle-aged assuming the average life-span of 78.2 here in the U.S. If I were in Japan, I could look forward to 83. I don't know how their average is higher with all the frequent Godzilla and Rhodan attacks. Sometimes knowledge is too much. It would be nice to be the blissful idiot thinking 50 is middle-age. Apparently basic math eludes some people; probably the same people designing our economic stimulus packages. Those people are definitely math-impaired on a god-like scale!

As stated I sell insurance, perform comedy, write on about anything, karaoke, have kids and pets, buy, sell, and trade video games and comics and a few other ancillary items, and share the same goal as Steve Martin: To be Master of Time, Space, and Dimension. It's the simple things that make life grand!

I do enjoy politics but now that the election is over, I am feeling quite post-coital and wishing to sleep. The campaigns were exciting to me, at least different. I was torn between both campaigns. McCain made it tough by pulling the "hot librarian" card from his pocket but I did vote for Obama, not because I agree with his views because on most issues I don't. However, by McCain's own admission he didn't know much about the economy. I'm sure if we needed to battle anyone with catapaults and Gatling guns, he was the man but Obama, who too has little grasp on how to get the economy moving, had a slight edge. If the solution for our economy was a race track, McCain would have collapsed out of the starting blocks and Obama would be ahead stopped looking back and admired his misery while some Chinese opponent is half-way to the finish line.

The solution to America's economic woes isn't simple but it's not rocket science. If it were, we'd have no problem since we pioneered rocket science. Simply put, to fix America, as far as jobs, we need to fund, either through loans or grants, individuals on a large scale up to $50,000 per individual for anyone wishing to start a new business. For large-scale ventures, individuals can pool their allotment with others to create the next great corporations. Spending the trillions on failed businesses and shovel-ready short term government projects is wasteful and fool-hardy. There are thousands of great Americans with ambition and creativity to create great new thriving companies. One doesn't have to look far online to see that. Sure, some ventures will fail and there can be some basic oversight so someone isn't opening up cat massage parlors and chariot dealerships but on the whole, this would radically revamp our society and create new opportunities for the displaced workers to finally pursue the true American dream.

Does anyone who doesn't work at AIG (hereafter referred to ARGGH) or in the executive or legislative branch think that was a good investment? I hope they kept the receipt. ARGGH has more gluttony than a Roman Senator at a vomitorium. There are so many things wrong on so many levels with all the stimulus bills passed and proposed, that my keyboard would wear out covering it all. The likelihood of success due to any of these Congressional measures is less than winning a game of Jenga at the epicenter of a 7.0 earthquake. To those who think professional wrestling is real, that means a slim chance. That's like the eye of a camel passing through a needle or something like that.

Speaking of camels and needles, what's with the swine flu? Is ricketts or scurvy next? Gotta love the classics-bubonic plague anyone? Obviously one wants to be safe but for the majority, I think there has been unnecessary worry. When zombies are rummaging through my garbage, I'll be a tad nervous. Sorry, I have played way too much Resident Evil. Well, I hope to get to know all of my readers intimately because I might need a loan or a place to crash sometime.

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