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Why Keywords Benefit Your SEO Presence

1.) why you want to use a *keyword* 2.) benefits of *keyword* 3.) Finding free *keyword

Learning how to use keywords is important if you are basically trying to get more Internet users to find your web site. Your choice of words in the title and in the short summary of what is in on your website is what will be used in Search Engine Optimizaton or SEO listings. Your keywords or the title of your webpage should have each word in the title captilized and contain relevant language that will attract Internet users who are searching for information or products that you are giving or selling online. For the most part, keywords mean either single words or phrases that online searchers use when looking for information on a particular subject or product. If you were to go on Google and search for artifacts on the goddess Diana, for example, you might type in just her name, or artifacts or a phrase. The search engine would come up with relevant online sites or tell you that your keywords or phrase produced no results on the subject.

Since your keywords are what seach engines pick up, you should concentrate your title and the first paragraph or introduction to your website with significant words that directly reflect your content. Another way of looking at keywords is to think of them as subject areas or headings like politics and followed by another keyword like domestic or international. Since you are using keywords to get the attention of search engine optimization listings, you should use words that will bring your site up on the first page of a search engine's listings of sites on a particular subject by concentrating your main headings in the title of your site that will come up as part of your website's Internet address which is basically what the search engines list for online searches.

What you don't want to do is to repeat headings in your website address without making a relevant connection to the actual subject matter on your website since search engines are extremely discriminatory to those websites that are merely looking for traffic without having content. A search engine site needs Internet users to use it as much as the websites need Internet traffic to be directed to them. If the websites that they bring up especially on their first page becomes totally irrelevant to Internet searchers, they won't return to that search engine site but will look elsewhere to located online websites that have information or products that they want to find.

Actually, your keyword or keywords are free since they should be based on what your content is all about. When you are writing an article or are selling a product online, your keyword or keywords phrase should be directly connected to the main theme of your article or to the advantage or even the name of your product. Your want to use the main theme of your article or to include the main advantage of your product throughout the length of your article or website. If you were selling an herbal suppement and used the name of the supplement in your Internet address, online searchers would have to type in that name to actually find your website. But, if your herbal supplement helps relieve constipation, you could literally, add the keyword constipation if not in your Internet address, somewhere in the first line of your website or in one of the headings that sites like suggests when you list your site on their Internet listings of webpages site.

A good free source for keywords if you are looking for ideas is to look at a search site like and see what topics or subjects they list on their homepage.

You want to use main headings or tags that will bring your website up in search engine listings. You can actually do a free keywords search on any search engine site by typing in the main focal point of your website and see what comes up on the first page. The results will tell you if your heading or keyword is in the search engines databanks of subjects and websites. If you get no results, your article or online shop will get no visitors. Keep working on your main points or on what you want to sell until your main headings or keywords match up with what search engine sites offer to online searchers of information and products. The reason is obvious, you want traffic or online users to find your webpage. You could pay some Internet webpage promoters a lot of money to re tool your website so that it does come up on first pages of search engine sites and these promoters are called search engine optimization or SEO experts.

You could pay to have SEO experts develop keywords or headings or you can do the research yourself on the search engine sites by going onto these sites and finding what areas and what language they are using to target sites that offer information or sell the products relevant to the search. Writing online is easy, but getting attention to your website is tricky. You might have the same information and product that another website has and get zero traffic while they get a million viewers. Their trick is knowing what basic headings or keywords search engine sites are picking up and offering to their online clients who use their search engines regularly to do research, browse the Internet or to shop online for goods.

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