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Whole Foods for Weight Loss

Know the importance of wholefoods for weight loss.

Processed foods are unhealthy foods and never going to help you in the case of weight loss. On the other hand, whole foods or real foods are extremely healthy and helpful for losing weight.

This article is not about tips to lose weight but an overall conclusion why you should eat more whole foods rather than processed foods and how it’s going to help you on your quest for weight loss.

Remember, this should be your first step if you are thinking of shedding off few pounds.

Processed foods are higher in sugar than any unprocessed foods. So when you eat processed foods, you are actually responsible for consuming tons of sugar and that causes tissue inflammation and tissue damage which is responsible for insulin release and related to diabetes.

Processed foods are normally full of trans-fats; trans-fats lower HDL (the good cholesterol) and raise the LDL (the bad cholesterol). When you eat any standard processed meal in any fast food restaurant, the chances are it’s going to be between 800 to 1500 calories for one meal. But if you eat fresh whole foods you’ll not gain any significant amount of calorie and you’ll get benefitted by many nutrients and minerals. Those foods (processed foods) that you are getting on fast food restaurants or fine dining restaurants are full of artificial ingredients, chemicals and preservatives- high in calories and low in nutrients. On the contrary, any whole food that you eat has got much more nutrients and healthy compounds which our body needs to function properly.

Fresh whole foods such as vegetables, fresh dairy products like yogurt, fruits, nuts and seeds- these foods are natural and minimally tempered with and great for your body. So the first step to lose weight is to avoid junk or processed foods and increase the intake of natural foods. If you start doing this then you are absolutely on the right track.  Because if you are eating majority of processed foods you are getting all these chemicals and calories yet you don’t feel full. This is the reason you crave for more foods and eat more to get more calories and gain weight.

If you are eating whole foods then you are getting tons of nutrients- antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, enzymes- all these nutrients your body needs to work properly. So you are going to be less hungry because your body has everything it needs. On the hand, if you eat processed foods- you are constantly going to be hungry; you are going to crave for the foods because your body is not getting what it needs for working in a right way.

So, as you can see for a healthy and fit body you need to take more whole foods and should always ignore processed foods. For a perfect weight management – whole and natural foods are always the right choice.

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