What You Need to Know About On-Ground Swimming Pools and Filtration Systems
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What You Need to Know About On-Ground Swimming Pools and Filtration Systems

It's the bottom drain that filters the pool, and not the skimmer

Clean clear swimming pool water is very inviting, and also a good indication the swimming pool is free of bacteria and  the impurities that cause stuffed noses, red eyes, and even worse ailments. The quest for good clean swimming pool water sometimes has folks trying all different types of chemicals and filters. Before blaming the chemicals you are using, first consider the filtration system that came with the swimming pool. If your On-Ground Swimming Pool was built with a rolled metal wall it does not have a bottom drain, and without a bottom drain there is no way to turn over the water for effective filtration. Swimming pools with rolled metal walls are designed to hold the liner that contains the water. The swimming pool liner of a rolled metal wall becomes a giant water balloon being held by the rolled wall. It's really the liner that holds the water and not the metal wall. The metal wall only holds the swimming pool liner in place. The stress, pressure and weight of the water is on the liner not the wall of the rolled metal swimming pool. Rectangular ON-Ground Swimming pools contain the water with the pool liner only doing the job it was really designed to do, that is, to make a swimming pool water-tight, thereby, preventing any water from leaking out of the swimming pool. Rectangular On-Ground swimming pools usually have bottom drains, an essential component part for proper filtration.

If your ON-Ground swimming pool is only equipped with a skimmer, you do not have adequate or proper water filtration. An in-wall skimmer only works as it name implies, it skims the surface,water, and only the surface water. If your pool does not have a bottom drain then it is essential that you vacuum the pool regularly to maintain a healthy and inviting swimming pool. If you do not vacuum everyday then your water can also become stagnant, and a host of problems could develop.

The root of the confusion is the misleading information given to consumers leading most to believe that the skimmer can handle the needs of pool filtration. The reason rolled metal wall swimming pools don't have bottom drains is because the liner cannot be punctured at the bottom to include a bottom drain. Just as a water balloon can not be punctured without exploding, a pool liner acting as a water balloon cannot be punctured without exploding.

So before you make any changes, first make sure you filtration system includes a bottom drain to effectively turn over the water well out of reach of the skimmer.

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