What Are Some Ideas For Customized License Plates?
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What Are Some Ideas For Customized License Plates?

When it comes to cars and bikes zooming on the road, personalized license plates are considered more important to show off who you are to the passersby.

Customized License Plates

Personalized license plates show a lot about your personality, the way you think, and also your vehicle. They are one of the best ways to personalize your ride, so it is really yours. Regular license plates have become a common thing, so make your car stand out with a customized license plate which is suitable to you and your vehicle. It is not just regarding cars, it can also be related to motorcycles. For some motorcycle enthusiasts, their bikes are more of a lifestyle choice than just a mean of transport. If you are one of them, and want to give your motorcycle a more personalize appearance, consider using decorative license plates. Customized license plates are also one of the options for a suitable gift.

Personalized License Plate Ideas

Using Hobby Names and Sobriquets

A majority of car and bike owners prefer to use personalized license plates which depict their hobbies or nicknames. One who loves football the most may prefer something such as 'NFL LVR' to show their support for the National Football League. A person who is a member of a music band may choose related names such as a 'GTR GUY' and some similar kinds. Some even use their nicknames which have been given by their friends or family. Think about any distinguishing feature of your personal nature that you have and utilize that as a theme. If you have made a personalized license plate considering the above facts and you later find that another person also has the same, simply add your favorite number at the end like MRCEDS-11.

Using Family Attributes

If you want to put the personalized license plate on your family car, choose one which speaks about your family attributes. For a family having all male children, a license plate may have 'BOYSRUS'. If the family has all girls, the license place may have the word 'GRLGNG' (girl gang). You have numerous options of using such words and abbreviations. Some more examples are '2MNYKDS', for a family having many children; and 'DADSRYD', for using the license plate on your dad's car. If you create a unique license plate on your family vehicle, it will turn out that soon your family will be known to people for having a vehicle with such a license plate.

Using a Statement

You may even use an abbreviated statement on the license plate which will tell a passersby what you want to say. You might consider '2GUD4U' (too good for you), or some similar personalization according to your creativity and sense of humor. When using a statement in the license plate, remember that the license plate is unique and customized, so try not to use one which anyone else has used.

Gang Names

Gang names are usually considered by motorcyclists who are members of some bike gang. In such a case, the members may have similar license plates with some slight customization, just to differentiate one from the other. However, the gang name is visible on every license plate, so people get to know that the biker is from that particular gang of bikers. Some examples include 'HLANG5' for hell's angels and the member '5', or 'OTLW4' for the 4th member of the Outlaw bikers group.

You can also read about some creative and decorative license plate ideas on decorative license plates.

Generally, a majority of car and bike enthusiasts use direct, active, and bold abbreviations to put an attractive impression on the passersby. Nowadays, there is a trend of including zodiac signs on the license plates. However, some people are also known to use some of the antique license plates and license plate frames. They consider such license plates as a part of their antiques and collectibles. I hope the above personalized license plate ideas has given you the urge and excitement on customizing your vehicles' or bikes' license plates.

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