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USA Today was founded in 1982 by Al Neuharth to be a national newspaper of the future. Featuring the use of color, graphics, charts and short concise stories, the newspaper was designed to be read by those who wanted to be informed, but had limited time. The newspaper is published on Monday through Friday without any editions on the weekend. The Friday edition has an extra section devoted to activities for the weekend. The paper also puts out several special additions each year. USA Today is the second most popular paper in the United States with a circulation just behind The Wall Street Journal. Each edition is divided into four sections with a different color which cover the following:

To encourage new subscribers, USA Today is offering a special rate for its paper. Normally, the paper costs $1 per day or $5 per week on the newsstands, so this is quite a savings. The special rate includes:

USA Today accepts major credit cards and will cancel any subscription with a call to customer service.

USA Today: What makes it different?

Customers of USA Today receive the following benefits:

  • A savings for each customer of up to 75% over buying the paper at the newsstand 
  • Daily delivery of the the newspaper at their home Monday through Friday
  • Free copies of USA Today's special editions delivered directly to their home
  • Editorials that feature opposing points of view every day
  • Daily reports of news in every state to keep tabs on events in each state
  • Extensive stock exchange reports longer than most newspapers publish today
  • Easy to read graphics depicting important issues and survey polls
  • Color coded sections that make locating topics in the newspaper very easy
USA Today vs. primary competitors (sites similar to USA Today)

Wall Street Journal:  This newspaper is the largest in terms of circulation in the United States.  The paper covers business and financial news in depth and is known for its prize winning reporters.  The paper is printed five days a week with a weekend edition that covers sports, entertainment, travel and other domestic issues of interest to business people.  The paper is printed in black and white without any bolding of headlines or use of color graphics.  Home delivery is available in most parts of the United States.

New York Times:  This is the largest paper in New York.  The paper publishes a national edition and most urban areas can have the paper delivered at home regardless of the city.  This newspaper covers local politics, events, sports, business and financial news in New York City.  Since the city is a major world center for finances and other industries, local news really encompasses events on a national scale.

USA Today: Pricing & packages

The pricing for this paper is based on the daily newsstand price, which most people never pay.  Anyway, here are the newsstand prices for USA Today and several of its competitors.

USA Today:  $1.00

Wall Street Journal:  $2.00

New York Times:  $2.50

The New York Times charges more for its Sunday edition, now about $5.  Both the USA Today and the Wall Street Journal do not have a Sunday edition, which keeps their price down a bit.

Most readers only buy the newsstand versions to read an occassional story or to try out the paper.  The only way it does not make sense to buy a subscription to these papers is if you only read one or less issues a week, unless you can find them for free.  If you are a first time buyer, the deals are even better in some cases.

One issue is the automatic renewal these papers like to carry out.  You should not do this, but actually shop around when your current subscription is up.  Often, these papers will offer you a better deal to keep you than you will get with an automatic renewal.

USA Today: Product images & screenshots
USA Today Coupons
USA Today: Customer reviews & comments

I spent a very long time looking for complaints about USA Today's subscription service.  I could not find any problems.  This seems strange, but there it is.  I did find a few comments such as the following:

  • Alfredo Ortiz if you want toknow what is happening all around the world just read USATODAY
  •  I ordered this subscription for my son. The paper delivery started sooner than expected. It arrives promptly each week day and is in perfect condition. My son has enjoyed the articles, particularly those in the sports section. He plans on renewing the subscription when it runs out.
  • We tried this for a short term, wondering if it would come on the day it was supposed to, so far so good, missed one day being on time, Snow Storm. My husband enjoys this paper, now he doesn't have to go to the store to get it and find out they are out, by noon he has todays issue. Very Pleased.

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