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Understand Stress: Managing Stress with Diet, Home Remedies and Stress Management Techniques

Modern lifestyle has resulted in increased levels of stress in our lives. Here are some simple home remedies along with effective stress management techniques

Physical strain, family pressures, peer pressure, financial worries, threat of the pink slip, pollution, inadequate dietary intake, poor sleep, sedentary lifestyle and emotional turmoil, all constitute stress. We tend to get caught up in the whirlwind of the rat race and forget who we actually are. Stress can have severe repercussions on our physical as well as mental health. Hence, effective stress management is very crucial in order to experience a sensation of well being and harmony.

What is Stress?: Understanding Stress

Stress is a situation or condition that physically and / or psychologically harms the body. More often than not, the body’s intrinsic mechanism tries to battle stress, and does succeed if sufficient nutrients are provided by the diet. On the other hand, in case of severe deficiency and undue stress, the body gives in, and hence, various symptoms become apparent.

External stress causes are: too much of noise, pollution, excessive work load, physical strain, radiations and an inadequate diet.

Internal stress causes are: emotional disturbances, like, peer and family pressure, fights and altercations, anxiety, excessive brooding and grief.

Symptoms of Stress: How Is Stress Manifested?

How to Manage Stress Effectively?

Effective stress management is a multi disciplinary approach. You need to integrate relaxation techniques, follow a fixed routine, eat a healthy wholesome diet and make a few lifestyle changes.

Diet plays a pivotal role in stress management. Certain foods called ‘mood foods’ help buoy you and fight depression and mood swings. The following food prescriptions are decidedly beneficial.

Diet for Stress: Home Remedies for Stress

  • Milk: milk is a powerful ‘mood food’. It supplies the body with loads of good quality protein, calcium and vitamin B. Vitamin B wards off irritability, anger, and depression. It manages stress very well and also elevates your mood. Have 1 tall glass of milk daily.
  • Spinach: spinach is chockfull of iron. Spinach tackles stress successfully and also boosts mood. Make sure you get 2 to 3 helpings per week.
  • Nuts: nuts supply essential fatty acids and potassium. Nuts decrease irritability tremendously.

Other Self Help Techniques to Reduce Stress

Adopt a hobby, a leisure pursuit or a recreation; also following a regular exercise routine, Yoga and Pranayama, Tai Chi, pilates, or even certain specific relaxation and de-stressing methods, such as, progressive muscle relaxation and meditation produce brilliant results.

They lessen stress, anxiety, irritation, frustration and disappointment. These techniques also decrease unnecessary mental chatter and encourage quietness and peace. De-stressing techniques promote general mental and physical well being.


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