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This question was asked in the category: Freelance Writing & Articles.
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Hector M (18 posts)
May 22, 2010

What Do You Do Once You Written a Factoid?

If I understand the functioning of Factoidz correctly then we can re-sell the article elsewhere but does someone buy published content? Can fellow writers tell me what to do with our articles once the legal time period elapses on Factoidz.

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Marsha Ford (18 posts  +6 likes)
Feb 15, 2011

As Nick mentioned, there are several sites where you can republish your articles. But be careful. Posting the same exact article to multiple sites can potentially hurt your pages' rankings in search engines. If you want to reuse articles, tweak them into separate (but complete) articles as Stacy suggests or rewrite them. A better option might be to post your articles on sites like Constant Content, where buyers can directly purchase reuse of your articles.

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Stacy Calvert (12 posts  +9 likes)
May 23, 2010

Associated Content also accepts previously-published articles, but not for upfront payment (just performance pay). Many writers take an article and further research different facets of the topic so they can turn it into several different articles.

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UmiNoor Leman (14 posts  +7 likes)
Mar 27, 2011

There are many sites that accept articles previously published but with the new Google algorithm, some of these sites like Hubpages and Helium have changed their policies to only accept original articles. It's best to submit only original articles. And if you need to republish the articles try to use a different angle and change the article a little bit to make it as original as possible.

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Nick Purcell (3 posts  +1 likes)
Jan 27, 2011

You can add it to associated content, triond, squidoo, bukisa, or hubpages. I personally don't. But it's your choice.

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Rana Sinha (18 posts  +29 likes)
Apr 5, 2011

You can promote your articles in social media sites. Then you can create a blog and promote your articles there. 

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Linda Smith (52 posts  +13 likes)
Mar 27, 2011

Why is it that our article views go up, yet our earnings do not?  I guess there is no real money to be made here neither.  Does it help to advertise your URL for your articles. I have tried that, views jumped, but earnings have stayed the same.

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Cherie Durbin (0 posts  +38 likes)
May 23, 2010

You can publish your articles on another site like Bukisa and earn off of them there.

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