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This question was asked to Athena Goodlight while viewing: Safety Precautions When Swimming With Children.
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Oct 25, 2010

How to treat / cure combination of being overweight and having acne?

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AmyR (24 posts  +15 likes)
Oct 27, 2010

Have plenty of green tea. It reduces toxins in the body and aids fat loss. Incorporate more fruits and salads as well as fresh juices in the diet. For especially oily skin, use an astringent instead of a toner. Clay-based masks are great for treating acne - try kaolin clay masks. Dry brushing the body before bath helps improve lymphatic drainage, promoting weight loss. It will also reduce acne by eliminating all the toxins out of the body. So, when you start a dry brushing routine on your body, you might notice rashes, redness and pimples because the body's trying to get rid of all those toxins. But later, your skin will become clearer than ever before and you'll lose weight too because the brushing action even gets rid of cellulite by loosening fat deposits.


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Sam Montana (677 posts  +773 likes)
Oct 26, 2010

The answer to your question is to change your diet. Many times acne and other skin problems are caused by the foods you eat. And the food you eat that causes acne can also cause you to be overweight.

Skin problems and acne is the body’s way of getting rid of toxins and other things your body doesn’t want. And many of these toxins are in the foods we eat. Start eating a simpler diet consisting mainly of plant foods. Eat a lot of vegetables, beans, legumes, lentils and some fruit.

If you eat meat, make the meat a smaller portion, eat lean meat. If you eat beef, make it grass-fed beet which is healthier.

Most important, stay away from processed food and junk food since these foods have a lot of chemicals in them. Just look at the ingredients in any processed food, many of them will have more ingredients than your hair shampoo has. Read ingredients and watch for hidden sugar like high fructose corn syrup. Cooking your own meals is a good way to control what you eat and how healthy it is.

These articles could be of help.
Foods That Cause Skin Problems and Acne

Natural Weight Loss by the Numbers

Healthy and Cheap Lentil Stew Recipe

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RUSHINA MEHTA (10 posts  +2 likes)
Feb 25, 2011

Both he things go hand in hand. eating salads,resh juice green vegetables,soups,yoghurt(low fat) will give gow to your skin and will also help you to reduse your weight.insted of sugsar use suragfree.and acne treatment is clean with astrigent,wash with neem fase wash and mix 10drops of amland oil,5 doprs of neem oil 3 drops of teatree oil and 4 drops of lavender oil ,mix all this oil and apply.and you have to cut down on sweets beverages,pickles,fried food , and omost important EXERCISEgood for body as well as skin.  GET STARTED;










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Ana M. (7 posts  +2 likes)
Oct 30, 2010

Simply put: Eat fresh & healthy. Go for fresh fruits & vegetables and ban junk food completely. If you're looking for some healthy cals choose among beans, peas and other lentils! Best of luck...

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Brenda Lewis (2 posts  +1 likes)
Dec 9, 2010

My part,  I was Applying Essential Oils to Cure Acne

There are a number of ways to use essential oils as a natural acne treatment, including:

Neat: Essential oils can be applied neat (or pure, without dilution) on the skin – but only if there is no skin sensitivity and if the oils being used as a natural acne treatment are completely pure and known to contain no additives. Anything added to a pure essential oil may cause skin reactions and worsen acne (see link above).

Diluted in Oil: Although it seems counterintuitive, fatty oils like olive oil, jojoba, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil can be healing to acne. Although acne is oily, it is often caused by skin dryness that forces cells to overproduce the natural oils of the skin. Using extra virgin olive oil (or another natural, organic oil) on the skin in a mixture with a few drops of essential oil can be very helpful as an acne cure.

Steam: A home acne remedy that feels like a day at the spa! All that's needed is a large bowl, a towel, hot water and a few drops of essential oil. Boil about two cups of water, then pour the hot water and essential oil into the bowl. Bend face over the bowl and cover your head (and the bowl) with the towel, and let the aromatic steam do its work on facial acne.

Ointments and Moisturizers: Essential oils can be added to facial moisturizer or skin acne treatments, but be very careful in so doing. Anything with synthetic ingredients can interact with pure aromatherapy oils in ways that can cause acne, not help cure it.

Alternative Health

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Jessica Hess (20 posts  +7 likes)
Nov 5, 2010

Wow, what can I write that Sam didn't write!

I think you have all the answers you need. :D

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Yvette Brooks (13 posts  +9 likes)
Nov 5, 2010

Instead of echoing everyones' answer here I will add, water. Being hydrated plays a major role in both scenarios, overweight and acne. Doing what was shared in the answers before me along with WATER THERAPY will correct both. For more info on water therapy click this links below: (I had to copy/paste them my fb page) (PT1) (PT2) (PT3)


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Page Coleman (0 posts  +36 likes)
Oct 31, 2010

You're fortunate in that both conditions can be helped by the same methods. In fact, so many conditions are helped by good nutrition. The other posters have had great ideas. 

Also, be sure to get enough sleep. Sufficient rest will help with weight-loss and stress, and less stress will help with acne and weight-loss. 

Exercise will also help clean toxins from your skin. Wash your face thoroughly after working out. 



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