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This question was asked to Irene Nevins while viewing: How To Grow And Maintain Hydrangeas.
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Jim Ingram (0 posts)
May 8, 2011

I live in a cold area wher we get cold winters and put my cutting in my polytheen house But they all die over the winter I have some good size plants that die in winter then comeback in the spring but my cuttings just die how can i prevent this

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Roberta Baxter (60 posts  +154 likes)
May 9, 2011

Try covering with a blanket during the night when it is the coldest and uncover in the daytime. It might help to seek out leaks of cold air in your greenhouse and take care of those areas where your plants are being affected by that seapage.

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Irene Nevins (0 posts  +36 likes)
May 9, 2011

Jim, place cuttings directly into the ground in a protected area. Or place pots with cuttings directly into a ground trench in a protected area.

Your house should afford more protection than the cuttings need. Make sure one or two leaf nodes are below soil level. Place your pots on the ground and surround with mulch. You can take your cuttings in the spring and insert directly in the ground or pots. This may be advantageous to you.

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