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This question was asked in the category: Dogs.
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samuelF (4 posts)
Feb 6, 2009

How to prevent my dog from barking too much when the doorbell rings?

My dog barks incessantly when someone is at the door. A few barks is ok, but she barks for too long. How to prevent this?
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k9linguist (28 posts  +17 likes)
May 27, 2009

well pretty much you do reward for non barking, and don't encourage it yes, but the thing is you need to tell them a word like "quiet" and step into them when you say this.

Practice with a friend, have them trigger the doorbell, be ready with a leash, and some tasty treats; have your dog sit there by the door with you, ring bell, your dog will bark a couple of times, then step towards them and say "quiet" this will make the dog think you're going to step on them, this causes them to stop barking for a second (startles them) and then you can say good dog, and pop a treat in their mouth, you need to ask for 3 seconds of quiet first then the next time 4 seconds, then 5 then 6, make it longer and longer each time, you need to stand tall and even point a finger at them if you need to, if this is not working, then use a empty soda can with a few pennies inside, this is your startle aid now instead of stepping towards them, they bark say quiet and use can if they don't be quiet, same as before ask for longer each time. Don't rattle can at them, just let them know they bark they cause this rattle sound, try not to look at them either they need to think the can is not associated with you, it's their barking causing the rude noise. Water bottel is same thing, a startle aid, but make sure they don't see where the water is coming form if you squirt them in the face to stop the barking, hide it under arm or behind magazine, they need to think they bark when you say quiet, and water appears from nowhere and gets them, again longer each time before treat is given. Hope one of these methods helps you.

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Jerrod Nazarian (62 posts  +33 likes)
May 27, 2009

I don't know how to stop a dog from doing it, as the best way to train a dog is rewards and how do you reward non action... But, yeah I guess that means give your dog a treat every time they do not bark, so after the fact... But still beside the point. I think the best thing to do is to never reward or encourage your dog to be vocal. My previous dogs were paranoid barkers, just about all of them... incredibly annoying. My current dog is not, she hardly knows how to bark, its funny, yet when she needs to she barks still but rarely. The only difference I really know of is that 1 the dogs are obviously different (1 of 6 is a non barker) and 2 that the one who doesn't bark we never played 'speak' with.

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