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This question was asked in the category: Disabilities.
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Beongee Sheppard (1 posts)
Nov 12, 2010

How Do I Report A Person Who Is Using Another Persons Name?

i know a person who stole someones identity
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Jo (18 posts  +13 likes)
Nov 13, 2010

its like any other crime. if you want to take some action please first lodge a complaint to Police. i think they will take care of this from there. if the victim is some one whom you know well then tell him that his details are used by some one else. anyway the wiser thing to do at this situation is lodging a complaint to the authorities.

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Linda (0 posts  +14 likes)
Jan 19, 2011

You listed this under disabilities, which has me a bit confused. Is the person whose name was stolen disabled? If so you can not only report it to criminal authorities, but to an organization, most towns have one, that looks out for the rights of the disabled and the elderly. It is usually called adult protective services, but you could contact your local law enforcement and ask them. There are provisions under the American's with Disabilities act to make the penalty even worse for those who do this evil tihng.

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sam smith (2 posts  +0 likes)
Dec 15, 2010

well, first are you sure? and the police are going to ask you how you know? why are you worried about it if its not your name. is it a friends name. if it is then the friend should report it not you.


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Sam Montana (677 posts  +773 likes)
Nov 14, 2010

It would depend on the circumstances of how and where this person is using someone else’s name. At work, the owner should now since all businesses are supposed to by law cross check someone’s name with SS#. If on the on the internet, there is the IC3 group you report to.

The police might or might not do anything, they are supposed to though. Go to the web site for the police department in the city where this crime took place and look for a section like Identity Theft and it will explain what to do.

Stealing someone’s identity or social security number is a major crime. You can read this article for web sites and more instructions on what to do. Identity Theft

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Sandy Shannon (395 posts  +257 likes)
Nov 14, 2010

Yes, contact the police immediately. My son is dealing with identify theft issues and it's no picnic. The sooner this is reported, the sooner and easier the victim will be able to get things rectified.

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Rama lingam (81 posts  +37 likes)
Nov 13, 2010


It is a crime under cyber laws.You have to prefer a complaint in the appropriate police station where the person impersonating another resides.

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