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This question was asked in the category: Vitamins & Minerals.
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Sep 15, 2009

Does a vitamin D defiency effect your sex drive, and your weight?

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Molly Buckle (65 posts  +20 likes)
Sep 17, 2009

The main function of Vitamin D is assisting the transport, absoption, and reabsoption of calcium. Vitamin D is very important in order to maintain good bone density and to prevent osteoperosis.

Vitamin D deficiency could result in weight gain because it can lead to depression. Depressed individuals often partake in emotional eating and may feel less inclined to do anything active.

I found a Journal article about the relationship between obesity and Vitamin D deficiency. "Obesity-associated vitamin D insufficiency is likely due to the decreased bioavailability of vitamin D3 from cutaneous and dietary sources because of its deposition in body fat compartments ("

We get Vitamin D from the sun and sunlight also promotes the release of a hormone called serotonin which affects mood and thus sex drive.

It is best to collect vitamin D from the great outdoors!

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Jim kirk (4 posts  +1 likes)
Mar 8, 2011

Based on the research, a representative from the Sunlight Research Forum suggests that men with proper vitamin D levels tested with favorable amounts of testosterone. Several thousand men participated in the study, which noted correlations between fluctuating vitamin D and testosterone levels through a designated time period. When vitamin D was elevated, so was testosterone – as well as the inverse relationship.



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Sam Montana (677 posts  +773 likes)
Sep 17, 2009

Vitamin D deficiencies have been reported to be associated with obesity according to a study done by Shalamar Sibley, MD, MPH, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota.
It is not known if the low levels of vitamin D cause obesity or the obesity caused the low levels of vitamin D.

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Sam Montana (677 posts  +773 likes)
Sep 17, 2009

Reported by ABC news (Australian Broadcasting Corp) studies reported by Dr. Ann Clark of the University of Sydney (Australia) Low levels of Vitamin D can affect male fertility. A low level of both vitamin D and folate has been associated with infertility in woman as well. This was reported in a 2008 paper to the Fertility Society of Australia.

ABC news report

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