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This question was asked to Sam Montana while viewing: Facts About the Dust Bowl.
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Dori Littell (1 posts)
Oct 9, 2011

Did the US govt. buy back homes and farms during the Dust Bowl?

A friend told me that Dust Bowl farmers/homeowners were relocated during the Dust Bowl and farms and homes were purchased by the govt. Is this true?
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Sam Montana (677 posts  +773 likes)
Oct 9, 2011

Dori, when you say relocated, it makes it sound as if you mean they were forcefully relocated. And that did not happen. A million farmers left their homes and farms in search of better jobs and land to farm during the Dust Bowl. Many of them who left their farms went to California, so many that the state of California had to turn them back.

The Dust Bowl happened during the Great Depression, and that made everything much worse. The government had programs that were supposed to help people pay their mortgages on their homes and farms during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. One of the programs was called The Home Owners Refinancing Act of 1933 to aid people pay their mortgages. I don’t know if the government actually bought homes, if anything the banks most likely took possession of the homes and farms that were vacated. Here are two articles that might help you, also look at the resources below each article.

Facts of The Great Depression

Facts of The Dust Bowl

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Sam Montana (677 posts  +773 likes)
Oct 9, 2011

Dori, I have lived in Colorado and I have never heard of that happening. In fact, Eastern Colorado and especially southeastern Colorado were part of the Dust Bowl.

Who told you this might be getting some parts of history mixed up. During World War II in the early 1940's, the government did relocate Japanese Americans in Colorado from the west coast.

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Dori Littell (1 posts  +0 likes)
Oct 9, 2011


Thanks. Your answer helped somewhat.  What was challenged to me,  which I strongly doubted,  was that the government actually relocated folks into homes in Colorado from the Dust Bowl areas that were purchased with government funds.  

I don't recall that occurring at all.




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