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This question was asked in the category: Adult & Job Skills Education.
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nakityo saudah (1 posts)
Feb 17, 2011

Can You Find Me Any Job In The United Kingdom Am In Uganda

am in uganda
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DeeBee (0 posts  +142 likes)
Feb 22, 2011

You got money in the bank ?

You have a place to live ?

You speak English ? 

You have a work permit ? 

You have qualifications in an upper wage earning bracket profession ?

Unless you can say yes to all of the above, you aint got a hope in hell, there is a recession on you know.


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William Lake (19 posts  +14 likes)
Feb 20, 2011

To work in the UK, you will require a number of things, including a visa that allows you to work.

You have provided no information and it's impossible to answer this question.

What qualifications do you have?

What experience do you have?

You also need to remember that there aren't enough jobs in the UK to support the UK's growing unemployment and economic problems. I'm not saying you can't come, but if a number of people already living in the UK is finding it difficult to find work, I'm sure you will find it difficult to find work in the UK also. This is unless you have a profession that is required in the UK or you already work for an international business that has offices in the UK or some other exceptional circumstance.

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Lynsey Griffin (1 posts  +1 likes)
Feb 18, 2011

First of all you have to have a work permit in order to work in the United Kingdom. At this moment in time because the job market is very slow and hundreds of people have lost their jobs over the past couple of years, you really have to make sure that you have all the right skills and  be willing to retrain in a new career in order to compete for any jobs out there.  There is a "hidden market" of jobs in the UK but you have to be diligent in how to find those jobs.  You will have to use the internet and research the jobs you are interested in and write to each one highlighting your skills and experience.  Include a spectualar CV and make sure you include a SAE which will encourage the Company to respond to you.  Do you know anyone in the UK to whom you can send the letters, they could mail them out for you with British postage stamp which will be more faourable to you.  Sending out 100 letters might only yileld a 10% response rate but that is how difficult it is in terms of employment in the UK at the moment.  Keep trying but you must secure a work permit and a National Insurance No.

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Amanda Wilkins (0 posts  +17 likes)
Jun 2, 2011

As the previous writer said you will need a work permit, but there are a lot of people oiut of work over here at the moment. If you are a trained nurse that is your best chance, as there is a shortage of trained nurses, but if you have no skills then it will be very difficult. When a job is advertised they have about 100 applications for each job. Also you will need to speak perfect English if you are up against such strong competition. Where I live the owner of a public house put up  noice in the window saying he wanted a part-time bar maid - I think it was one night a week - and he told me he had 75 applications and some couldn't even speak English. Good luck

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thestickman (1,380 posts  +1,745 likes)
Feb 18, 2011

Not knowing your skill set, this is an open-ended proposition. Assuming you would consider labourer without experience (employer wil train,) direct your attentions to new & start-up hotels in the U.K. Often, hotels that are newly opening seek regular staff from other countrie, and may even provide services to help bring their families along. On the Gov't Jobs Forums here in Canada we see this in the larger cities often enough: hotel staff positions for foreigners, will also assist with cost & paperwork to bring families to host nation, etc.

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