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This question was asked in the category: Criminal Law.
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Jesse A Arellano (5 posts)
Aug 31, 2010

Why Does Congress And The Presidential Branch Want To Continue To Promote Criminality In Our Institutions And Communities?

A while back I proposed an all around Institution Reform And Advancement Bill to Congressman Wallace Berger and Governer Arnold Schwarzenager which they agreed was a good possitive idea that should be implemented. The Governer forward the Bill Proposal to my California Legislative Representatives and Senators who have refused to do anything about it. The Bill proposes to put restrictions on inmates Leisure Rights And Freedom of Expression Rights in return for Advanced Socio-Economic Care, Education, Training, And Development For a Healthy Re-Entry into Society. The Structure I proposed would also create an atmosphere that would put an end to Criminality Within Institutions. This in turn would extremely decrese or stop Criminality In The Community.
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Neva Cooper (0 posts  +20 likes)
Sep 2, 2010

Those in government tend to have their own agendas, or those of lobbyist.  

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John Dillinger (21 posts  +19 likes)
Sep 2, 2010

I think they just don't care, it is much easier for them to do nothing than to argue about your ideas and have them implemented complicatedly into society.

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thestickman (1,380 posts  +1,745 likes)
Sep 2, 2010

Prison is not the educational institution that reformists would like for them to be, it is a penal institution. As such their mandate (they say,) is punishment. The purpose of incarceration is not to end ciminality in prisons but is to punish crimminality in society. We could however completely agree that it is hardly 'punishing' to provide three hots, housing, clothes and leisure time to convicted persons whom have commited acts against society is with no skills training aimed towards release is myopic. It is more like mere warehousing.

You arguments sounds educated. I am thinking that the restraining factors are ones of cost and implementation. Cchange is difficult. But wouldn't it be great if prisons turned-out better human beings after incarceration than the they were before sentencing and serving time? Typically, they do not and recitivism is actually rather high.

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