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This question was asked to pam mision while viewing: Things to Avoid when You're a Singer.
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Jan 15, 2011

Which Foods Are Beneficial For Your Vocal Chords And Singing Voice?

Iam a new singer im interested to know foods including veggies, drinks, fruits, and other foods that makes a singer to have a unique better voice.
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Ileen Zovluck (0 posts  +204 likes)
Jan 16, 2011

I believe it may be even more important to be aware of what foods and beverages should be avoided.  The good things are always good, but the ones that can affect the voice either for singing or acting can do a lot of damage.  Here's a quick list of things to avoid:

Milk or yogurt immediately prior to singing - coats the pharynx and makes everything seem difficult.

Alcohol - for all obvious reasons, but liquors in particular, which also coat the pharynx

Carbonated beverages - just quit.  They literally rot your vocal folds

Toast, dry crackers, saltines: dry up the pharynx and affect flexibility immediately before singing

Codeine-based cough medicine:  it sounds smart, but it actually causes a lot of burning.

Some positives:

Be careful about cold, dry air in winter climates.  Drying out your sinus passages plus also not drinking enough water will cause you some fast laryngtis.  Use a clean humidifier at home if your humidity usually drops below 45% relative humidity, and don't hesitate to use glycerine drops if you go out a lot in winter or are sensitive to colds or virus.

If you live at high altitude, try not to sing where you live.  It makes your lungs work harder than they have to, and your singing quality will never be as good as it could.

And of course, even light smoking is the stupidest, most idiotic, self-destructive act a singer or instrumental wind player can do.  If you want to sing seriously or for money, you may as well suck on a lit match and explode your lungs right now.

Last of all:  A balalanced diet is crucial to any effort where you have to use your body.  A smart singer or flute player or what have you will not eat Twinkies three meals a day.  Not only will they LOOK like walking death, but is sure won't help your technical skills as a singer.  Personally, I'm an omnivore and try to eat very balanced foods, and don't endorse vegetarianism for singers and wind players (long story, stuff about how your vocal cords and esophagus move) but like anything else in life, it's common sense in this department

Good luck.


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Barbara Sonja Biller (0 posts  +321 likes)
Jan 16, 2011

Consider the textures and temperatures of things that you eat, e.g.- a hard candy could feel like slivers of glass if chewed when swallowed, a very hot beverage could irritate or burn, etc.  

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Sandy Shannon (395 posts  +257 likes)
Jan 16, 2011

Water, water, water! You should keep hydrated, which helps not only your vocal chords but your entire body. Rather than sucking on lozenges, etc. when you have a dry throat, which may happen due to nerves or to singing for extended periods of time, take sips of water as often as possible prior to singing and during performance. When our choir does concerts, most of us have small water bottles at hand. We put long straws in the bottles so we can take sips fairly inconspicously. Or, if you are going solo, keep it back stage or in a pretty glass on a small table to the side of the stage.

Another thing that helps is slippery elm. You can get these lozenges at drugstores or online.  They come in flavors and they literally moisten your mouth and throat without the sugary coating many lozenges leave. Actors and singers use these quite often when water is not possible.

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Kristen (2 posts  +0 likes)
Jan 16, 2011

Many singers like to take some honey before they perform because it soothes the throat. Try putting a spoonful in a mug of warm tea. The warmth will also help relax your throat. Avoid cold drinks, as they will constrict your throat.


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