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This question was asked in the category: Entrepreneurship & Startups.
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Epic Strategist (118 posts)
May 13, 2011

What Is The Easiest Start Up To Start Up?

This is a question for the entrepreneurs out there. If you could choose only one - what business or venture would be the easiest one for a new entrepreneur to get started up?
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Al Lamp (7 posts  +2 likes)
Oct 27, 2011

This is a golden question for sure! The easiest is of course one that employs the following:

  • It's something in a field you love- not just a bandwagon choice in hopes of quick money
  • You have the means to operate- money enough to start or credit to borrow
  • One that is in high demand for your area
  • Preferably it involves consumable product that equates to repeat business

There are many options in this ever growing virtual world to try to strike it rich. But it depends on what is YOUR forte and what YOU are a good at and have true vested interest in.

One suggestion though, is a business involved with Eco and environmentally friendly attributes. This is a growing industry for the future. For example, I recently started up a business that sells and installs LED lighting for commercial businesses. It is eco friendly, saves energy, and saves my clients money. Because I get deposits that pay for the lights upfront, I do not have to carry inventory and can order product from my suppliers as needed. My sales staff are 1099, and my start up costs were minimal. I use a virtual office and we are doing well!  

Find your niche', make your plan, and set forth into action. Start small and grow smart. 



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Julie Scott (0 posts  +4 likes)
Aug 21, 2011

Are you starting your business like most of us: no money, no supplies and no ideas?

I found that freelance writing worked for me simply because the internet has brought the clients to us instead of us finding them. All you need to do is follow directions from the client and you're good to go.

Writing is not the only freelance skill that you can find online. Use your favorite search engine and a search term that begins with the word freelance and watch your world open for you. Try things like: freelance document processing, freelance translator, freelance graphic designer, freelance website designer, etc. You get the picture.

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Iris McCammon (26 posts  +5 likes)
Aug 19, 2011

I agree with Fernando, the best starts up are something you know or something you've been interested in and there's a market for it.

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Fernando Lachica (2 posts  +0 likes)
Aug 18, 2011

On my part I suggests a Food Business conceptualized by you. Since this is your concept, you can correctly applied your knowledge, experiences and most of all, your personal interest to succeed.

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Epic Strategist (118 posts  +34 likes)
Jun 25, 2011

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