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This question was asked in the category: Dating.
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Dominik Warren (2 posts)
Sep 24, 2010

What Do People Want To Know Most About Dating?

I've been looking around and there are tons and tons of questions about dating, but i can't seem to find any popular questions. Anyone have any, that's a good topic for an article?
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DeeBee (0 posts  +142 likes)
Sep 25, 2010

Hi Dominik,

Your question on here intrigued me, so I went and read your dating articles.

As you so rightly pointed out in one of them, everyone is different and everyone has different needs and wants from another person, so really you answered the question on here yourself.

There is no one popular category when writing about something so generic as dating, you just need to keep thinking of ideas and writing about them.

However, what advice, as a fellow writer I can give you is this:

Please check your work for spelling and grammar mistakes and typos, I noticed there were quite a few in your articles.

Please also remember that people are dating from the ages of 16 to 60, so please make your articles more formal, you sound like a young lad talking to his mates down the pub. 

Although I found your advice sound, you did not go into it in too much depth, remember that dating is a large genre and if you are making a point, you need to emphasisie that point with a few examples. 

People are reading your article because they need guidance, they do not want to read things that are obvious to us all.

Remember also that you have a global audience and everyone reading your article comes from a different cultural background that has different views and ideals about dating, your article seems to be only aimed at those in the west with a more liberal outlook on these things.

And finally, try and be unique, most of the advice, although sound, was information we all know, try and think of things that are different, remember there are thousands of articles on this subject, and your articles need to stick out in a crowd in order for people to be impressed by them.  

Good luck, and keep up the good work. Dee.  

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Cashlash (32 posts  +10 likes)
Sep 28, 2010

How about an article on where to find your ideal date? After all its not possible to date till you have a significant person in your life whom you want to date.

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Epic Strategist (118 posts  +34 likes)
Sep 25, 2010

Dating questions have been the same for thousands of years, lol. Even I don't think I could think of an original one.

Though I would want to know:  How do you truly and effectively bring passionate physical affection back into a long term relationship?  


Hope this helps give you ideas! =)

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