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This question was asked in the category: Kitchens, Cabinets & Countertops.
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David Howard (0 posts)
Sep 27, 2010

How Would I Install A Medicine Cabinet In The Bathroom?

We got a medicine cabinet at a yard sale to replace the space in our bathroom that once housed a simple mirror. The backing of the medicine cabinet is a thin piece of wood, not suitable for holding the weight of the mirror (about 15-20 lbs). We're going to be hanging it to drywall, and the width of the mirror doesn't meet up with any of the studs in the wall, forcing us to mount into the drywall. So my question is, how would I accomplish these two tasks: - Build up the back of the mirror enough to support its own weight once mounted - What is the best way to mount it securely into the drywall Thanks!
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Ron Warner (24 posts  +15 likes)
Dec 8, 2011

Installing a medicine cabinet in your bathroom will add usable space and utility to one of your most visited rooms in the house. If he back of the cabinet is not substantial enough to support its weight, cover the back of the cabinet with a thicker back. Measure the height and width of your cabinet and cut a 1/2" piece of plywood to size. Lay the cabinet on its face. Now cover the back of the cabinet with the plywood you cut and attach to the cabinet around the edge. Use screws to do this but make sure they are not so big that they cause the wood sides of the cabinet to split. Now that the cabinet can support its own weight, you need to mount it to the wall. Unless the cabinet is very small, its mounting location probably spans at least one wall stud. Try to secure the cabinet to this stud with 2 1/2" wood screws if possible. I would suggest using toggle bolts to secure the cabinet flush to the wall. Place the cabinet in its mounting location. Once positioned and leveled, have someone hold it in place while you drill at least 4 small holes through the cabinet and the wall behind. Remove the cabinet and using a screw driver, ream out the holes so that the toggle can fit through. Next, run the bolt, with a washer if needed, through the front of the cabinet and screw the toggle onto the back. Move the cabinet into mounting position and force each of the toggles the holes in the wall. Now simply tighten each of the bolts and your done.
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Tomkinley (30 posts  +11 likes)
May 31, 2011

One of the busiest rooms in your home is no doubt the bathroom. This means that it needs to look great and have room in it to avoid clutter. Bathroom medicine cabinets are great for storing clutter. This makes your bathroom look much cleaner and bigger too. Mirror cabinets add another mirror to your bathroom, which is always great. The mirrors also make the space look brighter and the area look bigger as well.

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Daryl Putnam (0 posts  +24 likes)
Dec 30, 2010

Years ago medicine cabinets were "let into the wall" between the studs. The medicine cabinet was 141/2" by about 5" so the mirror would fit flat to the drywall. If you have a medicine cabinet like this then you shoud also "let it into the wall". To do this you need to measure the over all width and height of the cabinet box, Not the mirror, and cut a matching size hole into the drywall where you want the cabinet. Once you have the hole cut into the drywall cut  2"x4"s to the length you need and frame the inside using drywall screws. Once you have it framed insert the cabinet and secure it with a couple of screws through the inside sides of the cabinet.

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