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This question was asked in the category: Alternative Medicine.
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sheila barnhill (3 posts)
Jan 20, 2011

Are There Currently Any Herbs Or Natural Medicines For Bi-polar Disorder?

I need meds for bi-polar disorder and am wondering if there are any nautral medicines for this.
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Page Coleman (0 posts  +36 likes)
Jan 25, 2011

I think bi-polar disorder is quite serious, and though it's well-worth looking into alternatives, it's probably safest to do so while working with a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner.

Here's an article from the Mayo Clinic, which is highly respected:

Good luck!


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runluna lane (13 posts  +5 likes)
Nov 15, 2011

I'm not sure about natural medicines but I did just recently come across this site that offers info on bipolar disorder and diet. you might find it helpful:  (btw, it's science based and noncommercial)

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Annie Mang\'eere (1 posts  +0 likes)
Aug 5, 2011

I react to the medicine my doctor gives me for schizoaffective disorder so I turned to alternative medicine and what I got was excellent.  The severe depression has lifted without a trace and the psychosis completely gone.  They have some for bipolar.  I have seen others who take this sups have their symptoms clear as well.

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Patrick_Murphy (1 posts  +0 likes)
Jul 18, 2011

Source about Natural Medicines For Bi-polar Disorder and 100 Q&A About Bi-Polar Manic-Depressive Disorder 100 Questions & Answers about

Source : Natural Medicines For Bi-polar Disorder

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Amera Khanam (13 posts  +8 likes)
Jul 18, 2011

There are herbal and natural remedies to get relief from bipolar disorders, but there is no research based proof that these alternative therapies are effective cure for these mental disorders.

Read more:

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cerey runyon (2 posts  +0 likes)
Apr 4, 2011

Sorry.  'Herbs' is what I meant to type. Some of the herbs that are available are quite strong. I think that one should be extremely careful taking a pharmaceutical that is either a neuron inhibitor or a neuron-exciter. Strong herbs are probably not a better way to go. There exists no FDA rules and test for most herbal remedies. If one could measure the amount of drug they are getting from the herb or herbal extract than it probably is a better way to go. It is well known by botanist that one plant can be a thousand times stronger than another. When mixing these herbal remedies’ with other pharmaceuticals the risk of accidental death or brain damage can be unknowingly forthcoming.

When psychiatrists give a drug (other than lithium) that affects the neuron transmitters in one’s brain they are charting an unknown universe in the human brain. One thing of which scientist and Doctors know for sure is, is that once the brain is changed through drug therapy, it can never reclaim its innocence.

What Are Neurotransmitters?

“Neurotransmitters (NT’s) are “chemical messengers” produced by the body. They participate in electro-chemical communication from one nerve cell to another or one nerve cell to various organs in the body (such as nerve communication with muscle).”

Reprinted from

Most Doctors will tell you that when they give you an anti-depressant, they are simply throwing darts in the dark at a dart-board and will try varying amounts of the same drug, if that doesn’t work they will switch to another drug.

Some of the most famous people in history were said to be bi-polar, manic, or depressive.

Nicola Tesla, Abraham Lincoln, Mozart, and Vincent Van Gogh to name a few… I wonder if they would have accomplished all of the wonderful works they contributed to society if they were on Paxil or some other drug.

I know from first-hand experience that the side effects of most of these drugs are deadly, scary and very serious. Most psychotropic drugs have the side effect that is a deadening of one’s sexual desire; what can be more depressing than that?!?

Many deaths have occurred from mixing alcohol or opioids with anti-depressants. The human brain does not stop growing until about the age twenty four or twenty five. Form about the year eighteen the human brain evolves in the frontal lobe region of higher reasoning. In my mind to give psychotropic drugs to an un-developed brain is absurd, to say the least.

For more; read my factoid

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cerey runyon (2 posts  +0 likes)
Apr 4, 2011

Yes there are many erbs that can help with the ultra modern sindicated label that is "A Bi-Polar Disorder"

Try St. Johns Wart

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Diane McCloskey (1 posts  +0 likes)
Mar 29, 2011

You can check out They have a lot of resources on their website for alternatives to drugs.

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Sally Powrie (8 posts  +0 likes)
Mar 16, 2011

I must agree with Page about the seriousness of Bipolar Disorder. Something that may be beneficial in addition to your meds from your specialist, is Omega 3 and 6. These have been shown to have some positive effect. But they are NOT a replacement for the meds you doctor puts you on.

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