Tips on Organizing Your Basement
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Tips on Organizing Your Basement

The basement provides convenient storage for frequently used items. This space can be as organized and functional as your main living areas.

The basement provides convenient storage for frequently used items. This space can be as organized and functional as your main living areas. It is also the most likely of the spaces to be temperature controlled, so you can set up work centers here.

  • Conceal the furnace and hot-water heater with a folding screen. It will primarily function as a safety tool to keep kids away from dangerous areas aside from being a pretty accent to a basement.
  • Design a laundry center. Install a magnetic caddy to the side of the washer for items found in pockets and buttons that come off in the wash. Keep a pincushion handy with pre-threaded needles for quick repairs. Include a rack – for hanging newly ironed clothes or items to air dry—and a table for folding and sorting. As a space-saving measure, consider purchasing a holder to hang the ironing board on the wall.

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  • Purchase inexpensive inflatable hangers for drip-drying without ruining the shape of your clothes. Because of their convenient size, they also do double duty when you travel.
  • Store empty gift-wrap rolls in the laundry center. Wrap tablecloths around them as soon as they are washed and ironed so they don’t wrinkle while stored.
  • It’s best to keep-out-of-season clothes in a spare closet. If you don’t have one, put them in the basement, not the attic (the intense heat can damage the fabrics). Hang clothes in a canvass garment bag with a clear plastic window so you can see what’s inside. A freestanding wardrobe closet will also keep your clothes dust free.
  • Launder or dry-clean clothing before storing so stains don’t set in permanently.
  • Stack any boxes kept in the basement on top of bricks or cinder blocks in case the floor gets wet.
  • Place a bookshelf at the bottom of the basement stairs to hold overflow from the pantry, such as canned good, as well as your extra stock of paper towels and toilet paper.
  • Designate a set of shelves to house your gift inventory. You’ll always know where to look for the specific birthday or Christmas gift you bought for someone on your last vacation.
  • Create a gift-wrapping center. Place bows, ribbons, tissue paper, and gift bags in plastic stacking bins. Purchase extra tape and scissors to keep here. Use the table in the laundry center for measuring and cutting your wrapping paper.

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good article, I never had a basement in my life always rented