Tourist Attractions in Edmonton, Alberta
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Tourist Attractions in Edmonton, Alberta

What is there to see or do in Edmonton, Alberta? Things for tourists to see in Edmonton. Things for tourists to do in Edmonton. What is West Edmonton Mall like. What are the Edmonton pyramids? Tourist attractions in Edmonton, Alberta. What is Telus World of Science? What is the Muttart Conservatory?

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta. The Edmonton International Airport is its usual gateway for air traffic and is about 30 minutes south of the city. Edmonton is a 3 hour drive north, on Highway 2, from Calgary. There are many things to see and do in the city of Edmonton, here are a few.  What are the best tourist attractions in the city of Edmonton, Alberta?

West Edmonton Mall

For years West Edmonton Mall was known as the world's largest indoor shopping mall, it is now ranked fifth, but is still the largest in North America. It's value is nearly a billion dollars.

West Edmonton Mall requires at least one full day to visit, and has over 800 shops and services. West Edmonton Mall is not just a destination for shoppers, it has a skating rink, bungee jump, wave pool, water slides, movie theaters, two food courts, and many other restaurants.

West Edmonton Mall is also known a the freak roller coaster accident in 1986 in which 3 people died. When the roller coaster reopened, line ups were just as long as before. There are also many rides for children, as well as a massive play area.

Stores are always changing. One of the newest, and popular stores, is Victoria's Secret. There is ample parking (be sure to remember where you parked) but the mall does get very busy later in the day. Buses also serve West Edmonton Mall.

Telus World of Science

From the outside this building looks like some sort of space ship. Formerly know as the Edmonton Space and Science center, and later the Odyssium, Telus World of Science is located in the north west part of Edmonton and is very educational as well as having a fun factor. There are different options for visitors, including IMAX.

The Telus World of Science building is home to the largest planetarium dome in Canada. Other features include a forensics lab where a fake crime has been staged and visitors can try to solve the crime following clues – later going into a lab to study their evidence, and eventually using a computer to put all evidence together to nab the criminal. This is quite well put together and if you get it wrong you are not told who really did it. This takes at least half an hour in itself.

Other galleries include the Gallery of Gross (leave that to your imagination), robotics lab, and a discovery area for entertaining young children.

Telus World of Science also hosts traveling displays, at the time of my visit the feature was the artifacts recovered from the Titanic. It cost extra to get in to see those.

Muttart Conservatory

Why would there be pyramids in Edmonton? The Muttart Conservatory is a building that consists of four large glass pyramids, each one serving as a different pavilion for plants of different temperate zones; tropical, temperate, arid, and the fourth is a display pyramid that changes with the seasons.

The Muttart Conservatory will be enjoyed by nature lovers, gardeners, as well as flower photographers.

The Muttart Conservatory takes just over 1 hour to visit, it is located centrally, just south of the river from downtown Edmonton. They have a cafeteria with excellent food, and a gift store offering some plants as well as other items for the home and garden. It is easy to get into, but the roads in the area may be a little confusing, check your map first.

Sporting Events

Edmonton is home to the Edmonton Oilers, a team that gained fame with former player Wayne Gretzky, aka “The Great One”. Edmonton also is well known for its football team the Edmonton Eskimos. Many people come to the city of Edmonton specifically to take in sporting events for one of these two teams.

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