Moderation: The Only Diet Plan Worth Living On
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Moderation: The Only Diet Plan Worth Living On

This article was written as a response to the question: Is drinking too much coffee bad for you?
eat in moderation

You have your Weight Watchers, your Jenny Craig, your Ediets, your Cabbage Diet, your Hollywood Diet, and everything else under God’s green earth. How is it we have a diet for everything and still we are seeing the majority of America OVERWEIGHT? What is the problem with us? Why can’t we get healthy? Why can we not lose the belly fat? The answer is so very easy and it is right in front of us. If it were a snake, it would have bitten us (over and over and over again!!!)

Do you want to know that the best diet in the entire world is? Do you want to know how to lose the weight you have had stuck to you for so long? It is quite easy, you know.


Quit supersizing everything. Quit ordering the combo #1,#2, and so on. Believe it or not, the Happy Meal at Mcdonalds used to be the regular size meal for even adults! A 12 ounce soda used to quench our thirst just fine. Now, we have to have the 32 ounce! Yikes! The double whopper with cheese has a whopping 990 calories in it. Wendy’s kid’s size hamburger has almost 300 calories in it. HELLO! Ladies and gentlemen, if your calorie needs are 1800 per day, you do not need that Whopper!!! And don’t even get me started on salads!!! Applebee’s Low fat Asian Chicken salad has over 700 calories in it!

The answer to this problem is to eat everything in moderation. If you are going to eat something, if you HAVE to eat something, eat half of it. You can always take a friend and share the meal. Then you both are working towards a happy, healthier life.

Today, people do not remember that the stomach is full before the mind realizes it. Eat slowly, and eat in moderation. Forget putting your fork down after every bite. Who the heck does that? I want to laugh at this. People were raised like this and it is a wonderful process and it is proper etiquette. It is a great way to eat. BUT let’s get to the truth. Who does that anymore?

You do not have to take out of your eating diet all the wonderful treats that you enjoy. Pizza, pasta, bread, and CHOCOLATE CAKE, oh my! Eat it. Enjoy it. But you don’t have to eat a giant size slice of cake. You don’t have to eat that whole pizza. You don’t need it. Eat

Ten or twenty bites and then STOP! Moderation is the word that will save us all from heart attacks, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and all the other effects of eating and eating and eating.

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Comments (2)

Heather: I can't believe it, but I also live in Maple shade, NJ. Thanks to you, I am ordering the free samples and can't wait to see if I get the same good results you did. I am 69 and need some help.

ha ha i liked your article. though the tip is simple, its sometimes so hard to eat less or in moderation LOL. :)