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The LG 32LE3300 LED Television - Review of the Principal Features

A review of the low-priced, yet exceptionally high-quality LED television from LG

Review of the LG 32LE3300 Television - If you’re on the lookout for a new television but don’t want to pay the earth for it, look no further than the LG 32LE3300, LED technology 32 inch television.

High Quality - Low Cost

Don’t assume that because the cost is small compared to most other LED televisions, that the quality of the LG 32LE3300, will be. The LG 32LE3300 television produces astonishing delineation and image quality.

The screen has a friendly, non-shiny surface that reduces reflections - useful in a room that has high light conditions - whilst the depth of blackness renders a truly outstanding image. There will be no wishy-washy grey scale images with this TV. If the transmitted picture is black, you will see black. Even standard definition transmissions produce terrific picture quality.

With a contrast ratio of 1, 000,000:1, it is hardly surprising that the 32 inch LED TV is an order of magnitude better than any of its LCD rivals. It produces convincing true-to-life images because of it; in fact the LG technology LED system raises the standard of image quality to a new level.

Complementing this high quality picture is a response time of just 3m/s. No delayed images here; when things get high-speed, they stay high-speed. LG's celebrated XD Engine envelopes a technology bundle that produces far better picture quality than most other TVs in this price range.

The LG 32LE330 sound system uses concealed speakers with ‘Clear Voice II’ sound control and LG's ‘Infinite Sound’. Once activated, the ‘Clear Voice’ system successfully reduces background music and audience noise. I was amazed at the results. You no longer need complain about the sound level increasing when music comes on, audiences start clapping, or adverts appear. Background music no longer drowns out people’s speech.

Pleases note - I didn't find it immediately apparent, but the ‘Clear Voice’ system needs to be selected in set-up, however, once applied, it remains active.

Bits and Pieces

The external connections to the LG 32LE3300, seems to have everything you might need. There are three HDMI sockets, a discrete PC input, SCART, a digital optical audio output and a useful USB connection. As well as this, the LG 32LE3300 has a touch sensitive on/off switch on the TV body - an unexpected feature on such a low-priced set.

At the store where I purchased the TV, it was available at only a fraction more than equivalent sized LCD televisions - surely a snip not to be missed.

For LED quality at LCD money, the LG 32LE3300 is an appealing choice.


For those that care - Technical data for the LG 32LE3300

* 81 cm screen diagonal

* Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels

* 100 Hz TruMotion

* Viewing angle: 178 ° / 178 °

* Colour depth: 8 bit

* XD Engine

* Aspect ratio: 16: 9, just scan, original, 4: 3, 14: 9, zoom, cinema zoom, auto wide

* Colour temperature selection

* 24 p Real cinema

* Expert mode / ISF ready

* Eye care (anti dazzling)

* AV mode: Cinema, game, sport

* Picture Wizard II

* hidden speakers

* Music power: 2 x 10 Watts

* Bass, treble, balance

* Automatic volume control

* Sound mode: Standard, music, cinema, sports, game

* Clear voice II

* DivX (HD)

* Simplink (HDMI) (CEC)

* USB (MP3) / JPEG)


* 3 x HDMI

* 1 x AV

* 1 x component In (Y/Pb/PR) + audio

* 1 x USB 2.0

* 1 x headphone jack

* 1 CI Slot

* 1 x RF in

* 1 x AV-In

* 1 x RGB-In (D-Sub 15 pin)-PC

* 1 x PC audio input

* 1 x RS-232 c (control/SVC)


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