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'The Bachelor' 2012 with Ben Flajnik Spoilers! Final Four and More!

New spoilers are coming out about Ben Flajnik as 'The Bachelor' 2012. Find out here who is final four are and more!

As we get closer to Ben Flajnik as 'The Bachelor' 2012, a lot of spoilers are starting to come out for this show. If you don't want to know who wins, stop reading now! Here are the final four and more spoilers.

  • One of the girls shows up on a horse the very first day. She will ride up on it and totally skip the limo ride to meet Ben. He obviously likes this gesture because he keeps her until the final four. Her name is Lindsey Cox and she is 27 years old. She is from California and works in public relations.
  • On the first night, one girl shows up with her grandma. Her grandma gets out of the limo first to make Ben think an older woman is there to try and win his heart. She will then explain that she brought her granddaughter along. Not sure how long she sticks around, but it won't be until the end.
  • Courtney Robertson is on the show. She is a professional model who has even been on the cover of Fitness magazine wearing a bikini. Ben will keep her until the final four and she gets a hometown date.
  • Neil Lane does show up and help Ben Flajnik pick out a ring. Does he use it to propose to the girl of his dreams? That part we will have to wait and see.
  • Kacie Boguskie is one of the final four. She is a 24 year old baton twirler from Tennesse. Will she be moving to California to be with Ben on his winery?
  • The other girl in the final four is Nikki Sterling and she is 26 years old. She is from Texas. Nikki divorced just a year ago. Do you think she is ready to find love?
  •  Amber Bacon from Canada will be one of the first girls to be sent home. She leaves on the first night.
  • One of the girls is more into women than she is into Ben. He even keeps her around for a few weeks! Her name is Monica Spannbauer.
  • They filmed the last episodes in Switzerland. The last day of filming was November 16, 2011 so Ben and his new girl have to keep a secret for over a month before the show even starts to air.

'The Bachelor' 2012 will air its premier on January 2, 2012. It is on ABC and Chris Harrison will return for the most dramatic rose ceremonies ever!

Source: Reality Steve; ABC promos

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Comments (3)

Thanks for sharing this article.

I have to admit, I was a bit disgusted, but addicted to the first episode. Should be an exciting season.

Never got into this show, but thanks to you...I don't have to watch!!! Voted Up!! xoxoxo