Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces - How to Make Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Decoration
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Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces - How to Make Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Decoration

How to create easy Thanksgiving table centerpieces as your festive decorations.

Looking for easy Thanksgiving table centerpieces to make?  There are incredible ways to create simple decorations for your table that will take little time and money to make.  Whether you want decorating ideas for the main table at Thanksgiving or the coffee table, these ideas will work all the same.

How to Make Easy Table Centerpieces for Thanksgiving  - Candle Decorations

  • Get different size glasses that fit different size candles and place a votive, pillar, or long tapered candle in each of them.  Get some nuts such as peanuts, hazelnuts, pecans, or walnuts and spread them evenly in each glass by the candles.  You can wrap a nice orange or brown colored ribbon on the outside of the containers if you want to go a step further.
  •  The center of artichokes, apples, and pumpkins make a good foundation for candles.  Get an apple corer or knife and carve a hole sufficient enough to hold the candle you'll put in it.  It's fun to make the candles sit at various heights and adds dimension.

How to Make Easy Table Centerpieces for Thanksgiving - Glass Jars and Bowls for Decorations

  • If you have clear glass apothecary jars, get some pears or apples and fill them with the produce.  The uber easy centerpiece can be placed on a casual table or make a few more for added effect.
  • Get some wheat shocks, Indian corn ears, pecans, or walnuts. Grab a glass bowl and place a canning jar inside an overturned silver mold. Place corn, shocks, and nuts in any manner you wish to create a dramatic look for the Thanksgiving table.

How to Make Easy Table Centerpieces for Thanksgiving - Books and Antiques as Decoration Theme

  • How can antiques work for an easy Thanksgiving decorating idea?  If you like gardening and happen to collect vintage tools of the hobby, break out a large antique metal antique scoop and put spread a handkerchief with autumn colors on it.  You can leave it as is or stagger a few miniature pumpkins or tea light candles on it. If you have an antique spice container, put it beside the metal scoop to polish the theme.
  • Want to make use of books you don't know what to do with? Thanksgiving is the time to put those things to use and this table centerpiece is how they can work elegantly. Place a small stack of books with different binding colors - mostly green, orange, red, or brown ones if you have them. This will alone will be a colorful decoration to the table, but add an assortment of fall blooms around the books and the looks is great. If you have an extra book or two stand between the decorations and stacked books will be a nice picture. You can also add a small candle with feathers scattered at the bottom of the glass or holder it's in.

How to Make Easy Table Centerpieces for Thanksgiving - Tips with Pumpkins

One of the great things about pumpkins for decorations, is they come in so many sizes and colors.  They're fun to play around with and you can get really crafty.  Perhaps these are the easiest items to make simple Thanksgiving centerpieces for your tables.

  • Get one large orange pumpkin and accompanying small white pumpkins.  Set the large one on a cake or pie serving pedestal and set the miniature pumpkins in a circle around it.  You can add fall twigs such as berry sprigs on top of the large pumpkin and spread them unevenly amongst the small ones.  
  • Take some miniature pumpkins or gourds and space them well apart on a table.  Next, take double faced,wide ribbon and weave it between the pumpkins. Place bittersweet stems on the top of the pumpkins and you have the perfect table decor.
  • Here's another simple idea for easy table centerpieces, one even your kids can help with.  Get some spray glue and glitter to decorate pumpkins and mixed fruit such as apples and pears.  This easy centerpiece isn't just great for tables, but other areas around the house for Thanksgiving. 

There are countless ways to make Thanksgiving decorations will all of the food and supplies listed here. Just a few thoughts in mind is how you create easy table centerpieces for your holiday gathering.

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Comments (2)

These are great ideas! I plan to get more creative this year.

Interesting. And they are cheap way to decorate the table. Thanks for sharing.