Technology Patents
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Technology Patents

Technology is topping the charts mainly because it covers such a wide area; process of doing something, process for unique outcomes, new chemicals, or a new device.

What's the latest idea or invention, most likely it has to do with technology.  Today, technology is hitting the airwaves with entirely new devices, or updates to a previous inventions.  The difficulties with technology is that it covers a wide area.

In order to meet the qualifications under the US Patent requirements, the process must be unique to patents previously submitted and approved.  The new patents could be new chemicals, or new devices.  The invention of the internet opens unlimited geographic territories and licensing has been established to regulate.  The downside to licensing is the protection boundaries may be limited to protect only within the established boundary.

One method of managing this risk is to file patents in other countries extending the protection within other countries.  For example; patents filed in the United States will not prevent the invention from being copied, manufactured and sold in another foreign country.  Multiple country patents may still not fully protect the inventor, but it will stipulate some restrictions and limitations. 

Patent Tactics

It's beneficial for the inventor to file a provisional application for technology, because it allows a one year protection, while the final invention is being completed.  The provisional requires a complete explanation of the concept for the intended product.  In the meantime the inventor can complete the research and development without risk of infringement.

The second option is to file for a 20 year protection.  The invention’s document must be clear and identify the differences between any current inventions or earlier works that has been patented.  The document needs to be well thought out so that the claim cannot be disputed.

Patent Reviews

Since all patent information is public domain, the database of information is used to perform and complete the analysis for a newly submitted patent request.  The authorities will look for similar techniques, matching verbiage of operation and related operations.  The patent design's description needs to be distinct from all previous patents and the content function must illustrate all of the possible methods to achieve the specific results.


Check with the Patent Office for costs of a provisional technology application and the 20 year protection as patent will vary.  Be prepared, economics change and inventions today change even faster, so it is advisable to check with the appropriate patent offices.

Sources: US Patent and Trademark Office and US Patent Search


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