TeamQuickCash Review | Personal Finance Survey
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TeamQuickCash Review | Personal Finance Survey

TeamQuickCash is one of the leading payday loan providers, having been around for over 7 years. If you need money quickly, TeamQuickCash is one of the better options, as their loan application process is quick and they respond within minutes of you submitting your application.

Application process. TeamQuickCash's loan application process is quick and easy. Its an online form where you submit basic information about yourself, your current work situation, and some basic financial and contact info. Once you submit your application you get a response either instantly or after a quick review from a loan reviewer.

How much can I borrow? It varies, but on average the range is from $100 to $1,000. For most first-time borrowers the loan amount will be lower, then as you use the server more often your borrowing limit increases.

What are the application requirements? To apply, you'll need a current income making at least $800 per month, but 18 years or older, be a US citizen, and have a checking account. Having a low credit score, or even a recent bankruptcy does not disqualify you, you can still apply and see whether you are approved.

How much does it cost? TeamQuickCash charges APR rates similar to most other short-term / payday loan providers. Depending on how quickly you pay your loan back and your location it will vary, but their rates are competitive with other providers.

How do I repay the loan? You set the timeline for repayment, and TeamQuickCash will automatically deduct the incremental amounts from your checking accounts at the schedule you specify.

Fill out an application

How quickly will I get the funds? From application approval (the approval process takes from minutes to 2-3 hours), assuming you are approved before 2pm Central Time, your funds will be deposited into your checking account the next business morning.

Are there any promo or referral codes? Yes, use the code below to expedite your application and as a referred customer you get priority in your application.

If you are looking for a payday loan provider with a longer repayment grace period, you might look into 100dayloans.

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