Simple Ways to Living Frugally: in the Home, and at the Grocery Store
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Simple Ways to Living Frugally: in the Home, and at the Grocery Store

Save money

With today’s economy, many people are strapped for cash and many families are trying to be more budget-friendly. So what are some ways to save money in the long run?

If you have children, then you know that they are always seeking snack foods. Going to the grocery store and seeing the prices of those snack foods are a major downer. I know; I have three kids of my own. They always want those mini pouches of snacks and they always want the individual size chips. Those are so expensive though.

In my house, I will spend about $15 or $20 on snacks per week. I buy the big bags of chips, the Kroger brand graham crackers and cookies, and I buy the boxes of cereal that are on sale. Then I go home and I spend an hour with my children sorting all those snacks, cereals, and chips into individual zip-lock baggies. Then we have a snack box or drawer where we keep it stocked with those zip-lock baggies. The snacks last so much longer and you really get your money’s worth. Plus, the kids really love helping you sort, measure, and fill the goody bags. It is a great time to talk with your kids and bond.

Another good way to save money is to go through all the clothes in the house. Get rid of anything and everything that no one likes, no one wears, too small, too big, stained, and so on. Do you know how much water and electricity you spend on washing and rewashing clothes that no one needs or wants? I washed my eldest’s daughters bathing suit like half a dozen times at least; in the fall and winter seasons!! Kids have a way of thinking, “I’ll just throw it in the dirty laundry instead of putting it up or throwing it out.”

I do not like to go generic on a whole lot of items; however, there are things that you can afford to go generic on. Cleaning materials are one of them. Kroger brand is very inexpensive and it does the job great. Certain cereals are also good. Check out your local grocery stores and try generic at least once to decide if you can use it or lose it. Another great store to shop at is the dollar store and Deals. They have name brand toothpaste for a dollar. Shampoos and soaps that is much less than your big store costs.

And the best way to save money….is to not spend money! Look around your house and see what you can use for other methods. Check out the frugal living websites and others that show you great tips. If you want to buy something you see at the store, sleep on it for 24 hours and then if you still consider it a must, then you can buy it.

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