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How do I straighten a bent windmill vane?

I have an old windmill whose vanes are bent up and creased and with bullet holes- some fairly minor but some with some pretty big bends and creases. Sorry, don't know the metal gauge but its fairly stout, and the vanes all have a designed in slight curve. The question is what methods/tools would be most effective in straightening: 1) hammer and dollies 2) shop press 3) English wheel 4) planishing hammer 5) metal shrinker/stretcher. Options 2) thru 5) all seem to be about the same price range- about $250 at Harbor Fright. And what would be the second best approach, and which would have the most follow-on utility for fixing/fabbing things on a small ranch ? BTW I am aware of where I can buy replacement blades for the worst ones and heat shrinking with an oxy torch (which I have). Thanks, Bobqwe
Moderated by Katelyn Strauss 66 months ago
Asked by bob carwell on Sep 30, 2009

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