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How do I repair a Price-Pfister washerless faucet?

I have what I think is a Price-Pfister washerless stem 'cartridge' for a bathroom sink/commode tap/faucet. The cold water side has an intermittent drip (1x3 seconds) when closed. I've pulled the stem which has 3 parts. A botton cylinder mayb 1" long with a conical washer/seal, at stem (chrome?) with 2 O-rings and a brass top cylinder (with its own thinner wider O-ring)into which the stem screws.rnStupid question. Where should the conical washer fit? It seems to me it point up and installs at the very bottom of the short cylinder (not inside it.) I just cannot find an exploded diagram!!qwe
Moderated by Katelyn Strauss 66 months ago
Asked on Sep 26, 2009Improve / edit this question

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