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Hardwire Versus Plug in Dishwasher

I am replacing a dishwasher that was hardwired. The new one has a plug in.When I connect all of the lines and plug the dishwasher to the outlet, It will not turn on unless the garbage disposal swith is on and the garbage disposal is running. The hard wires from the old dishwasher was connected to is not connected to anything. Should I try to hardwire this dishwasher and if I do will it operate without having to use the disposal? qwe
Asked on Jun 24, 2010Improve / edit this question

2 Answers

Daniel Snyder   L6: Pro (Ambassador: L2)   367 answers   +915 votes
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You have to rewire the the outlet so that the bottom half for the dishwasher is on all the time and the top half of the outlet still uses the switch for the garbage disposal.  There are tabs on both sides of the receptacle that you can snap off the side with the black wire (brass colored screw) with a pair of pliers.  You then have to add a black wire to the bottom screw terminals.  Make sure the power is off and that you use the proper size wire and wire nuts.  Here is a link for wiring a split receptacle.

You may have to run a wire from the light switch to the outlet if the power comes from the switch first and then goes into the box for the receptacle.


Posted on Jun 24, 2010
Daniel Snyder   L6: Pro (Ambassador: L2)   367 answers   +915 votes
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You may also consider converting the hard wired connection to an outlet.  Just install an electrical box in the wall where the wire is coming from and hook up a recetacle.  It should be a standard 120 volt circuit.

Posted on Jun 25, 2010

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