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Can You Mix Two Different Shades of Nice&Easy Hair Color

I find that Nice&Easy dark brown (#4) Gray Solution covers gray hair well, but I want a little more red in the final color. Could I mix a little dark auburn in with the dark brown color to achieve a dark red-brown color? qwe
Asked on May 5, 2010Improve / edit this question

5 Answers

Katie   L2: Contributor   281 answers   +197 votes
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I would not mix the colors myself.  It seems like there should be a dark auburn shade that would give you what you wanted, or you might try a different brand of color to see if they have just the right shade.  Also, as the color gradually lightens slightly with washings, it's likely that some of the brown will fade a bit, and more reddish tones will be seen in your color.  Failing finding the exact right shade, I would go to a salon for the color I wanted, rather than doing it myself and ending up at the salon anyway to get it fixed.

Posted on May 5, 2010
Lori Ballengee   L2: Contributor   7 answers   +4 votes
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According to Takiema at Clairol, the Gray Solutions coloring systems have recommendations against mixing as it will not yield the desired result. She did say that there are other products  by Clairol that do permit mixing, but she particulary advised against doing so with this product. The products that can be mixed do not offer adequate coverage for gray hairs, however. The Gray Solutions colors have the maximum amount of pigment to achieve the best coverage on gray hair that is more resistant to color deposits. She suggested that you try Nice & Easy 5R which is an auburn shade if you have not tried so already.

Posted on May 6, 2010
Jane Thomas   L2: Contributor   179 answers   +81 votes
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?????.........Good grief! Did the color line not have the color you were looking for?

Posted on May 21, 2010
Cherie Durbin   L2: Contributor   88 answers   +39 votes
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I used the nice and easy "auburn" shade on my hair last night. I had naturally dark brown hair and it turned my hair a reddish-orange color...more orange than red, it seems. I only left it on for 25 mins., too! I like the change, though. It's not recommended you mix colors, but if you must, what I do is color a patch of my "underneath" hair first that nobody can see if the color turns out awfully. If you don't like what you see in the test patch, don't proceed to color your color hair that shade. Good luck! It's nervewracking coloring your hair, isn't it? Waiting all that time and wondering if you're turning your hair green-lol. And, p.s.,  the auburn covered my grays, and I now look ten years younger.

Posted on May 21, 2010
LesleyAnne Sabol   L1: Member   1 answers   +0 votes
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Professional beauticians mix colors all the time.  I am not a professional, but I also mix color ALL of the time.  I love red hair, but do not have the coloring for hair that is TOO red.  So, I mix L'Oreal Preference 6AM (Light Amber Brown) with Preference  6R Light Auburn.  (I could actually go a little redder, I think, and do a mix of two auburn and one brown.)  I mix the bottles of dye in a 1-cup, GLASS measuring cup, stir with a plastic spoon, then pour the contents back into the bottles, equally.  Then I mix one bottle of the mixed dye with one container of peroxide.  Be careful to stay within the same color level!  As you can see, both the brown and auburn colors are the same level.  (You can also mix two colors that aren't too far apart in level, for instance, a 5 level with a 6, or a 7 with a 6, but the darker of the two - the lower the  number the darker the level - may be more predominant.)  Good luck!

Posted on Dec 2, 2012

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