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Can Epsom Salt Be Used to Reduce Swelling Under Eyes?

I had lower lid surgery and can't get swelling to go down under eyes qwe
Asked on Jul 11, 2010Improve / edit this question

4 Answers

Chris Bucklin   L2: Contributor   15 answers   +2 votes
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I would suggest taking a bath with a lot of epsom salt, that would definetely help.

Posted on Jul 12, 2010
adelaine james   L1: Member   2 answers   +0 votes
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why don't you just ask your doctor first, i would not recommend putting anything on it without consulting your doctor/physician.


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Posted on Jul 13, 2010
Gregory Wells   L2: Contributor   4 answers   +2 votes
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I would consult with your doctor before using any kind of remedy. The big question should be why you are still experiencing swelling. Could the tissue still be irritated? The question of "why" should be asked first. Again, talk to your physician first.

Posted on Jul 14, 2010
Fiona McKay   L3: Expert   31 answers   +26 votes
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I would definately not use Epsom Salts near my eyes - using it in the bath is fine. For puffy eyes, apply, over closed eyes: 

Potato or cucumber slices,  cold tea bags or chilled teaspoons

Posted on Jul 19, 2010

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